Yes, this is not a joke, you can do it. You can promote Scorum (that is sure) and same time doing it get a chance of winning 10 000 USD in cryptocurrency – probably Binance BNB coin but this is not sure yet. As usual, the giveaway comes from my discord but since this is a huge one i share it here to you guys. Also why not promote TRYBE there for free? Win-win imho 😉

Sounds too good to be true? It is NOT, HAVE A LOOK!

Lets prepare, first, you will need:

Ready with all of those? Let’s go!


  • Visit this tweet –
  • Follow Binance (the account from tweet above)
  • Reply to it tagging 3 friends (1 can be me i am there as @kingscrownBTC), using tag #Wish2Binance and writing your wish (ALL IN ONE TWEET-REPLY). Ie “@X @X @kingscrownBTC #wish2binance i would like to buy 10000 USD of TRYBE superb token made on EOS network which is amazing blah blah blah” 🙂
  • Retweet it

They will choose 1 random person that meets criteria to win. They did loads of giveaways all were streamed live and they used randomizing picking scripts. And yes you just promoted TRYBE to loads of people and got a chance to earn 10 000 USD, how cool is that?!

Around 32 hours are left but of course, you can tweet later on too for promoting this network just you will not be able to win 😉 Still worth to have an account there as they run a lot of promos which i always mention!

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