First of all, my crypto brothers and sisters, CONGRATULATIONS!! 2018 has left the building and we are still standing! We made it through the longest crypto bear market in recent memory, survived all the FUD and market manipulators, and we held on!

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Happy new year! I don’t normally speculate on market prices because I really don’t care; I’m not in “the game” for profit, but because of the ideology behind the technology. Our world has a serious problem where all democratic political power is a mere illusion, as we’re actually ruled by the world’s richest few who have control over our media, politicians and legal systems. By making money decentralized, among other things, we have for the first time in decades a real chance of bringing back some semblance of democracy and justice, aimed at the wishes and needs of regular citizens like you and I.

Still, I do take a look now and then at what the current mood is and what better time than at the start of the new year. Personally I feel that prices could be going up any time now, but truth be told, that’s what I’ve been thinking for months now. The thing is, there’s not even that much FUD going around and generally all news, especially on the technical side, has been good to great news. Today again, I’ve seen a couple of headlines claiming that BTC will rise to $330,000 after falling to $2,800. This is based on BTC’s all time movement with two or three previous crashes where it lost more than 85% valuation. A continuation of that long trend would give us a $330,000 Bitcoin somewhere in the year 2022.

This coincides with a lot of other traders, one of which is famous davincij15 in the video below, who predict this bear market to continue for another two years. So there’s some positive news on the price. But if you’re here, if you’re reading this, I suspect you don’t need that; you already knew crypto-currencies will have to moon again, sooner or later, and that the prices will make december 2017 look like child’s play. For me there’s one simple reason why this is inevitable; if we DON’T moon again, that would mean we would have lost and I refuse to believe we would ultimately be so stupid as a species.


I don’t remember who said it (maybe one of you could help me out here), but there’s three types of money: the money of God, gold and silver, the money of the state, worthless FIAT money, and money of the people, which is crypto-currencies. The world’s governments will continue their fight against cash money, as that’s the only kind of money they don’t control for 100%. There’s only one way to tip the cabdriver, and that’s cash. But the governments and their media will criminalize cash, like they did with Bitcoin. Registers in stores will eventually stop accepting cash. The government has to brak down your door if they want to take your cash, but freezing a bank account is so much more convenient… It won’t be too long now when the only way to tip the cabdriver is with crypto-currencies through a cellphone.

Governments can’t kill crypto anymore, so they’ll try to assimilate it into their power-structure. They’ll make their own private state blockchains; this is something we have to reject and refuse at all times. If they make BTC illegal, it’ll just go underground and will possibly be worth even more. And don’t forget that the real fake FIAT economy is due for another crisis to. When we have the next crash, you bet that crypto-currencies will be the number one save haven for all the soon to be worthless FIAT. Crypto-currencies and blockchain technology won’t be put back into Pandora’s box. It’s out there and it won’t be stopped.

This year could be another tough one, or we could be mooning next month; in the end nobody really knows. All I know is that 2018 has shown that there’s a lot of strong hands in crypto, a lot of which are just average crypto brothers and sisters like myself, who don’t trade or have profits as a first priority, but are in it for the massive social shift in power it could represent if we just hold on. In closing I’ll leave you with a video with 40 other reasons to be bullish on crypto:


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