For as long as I can remember there has been controversy around cannabis. Most of this boiled down to peoples perception of the plant being a gateway drug, through no help of the the Nixon administration and their War on Drugs, however this has continued long in to the modern day!

Even though there is scientific information that proves there are benefits (and some risks) to be obtained from the plant, there is still a huge push back on the attempted legalization (and even medicinal legalization) of it. A lot of this, although not on the face of it, is down to power and profit, and so innovation in the industry is constantly being pushed back while people try to take advantage of their positions (It’s a free market, i guess)

The global  industry is predicted to reach over $140 billion by 2025, and with this much money on the line, we are bound to see some manipulation going on, we’ve definitely seen it in the crypto market.

The good thing is, it’s not stopping people from fighting back! For every problem they can come up with, PARSL has a solution.

What is Parsl?

Parsl is  ‘A unified cannabis platform for a better cannabis industry.’

They want to create a safe and efficient supply chain for the global cannabis industry. The Parsl team can see that there are huge hurdles for the global industry when it comes to regulation, banking, safety, marketing and much more. They aim to put in place a complete supply chain that includes everyone from growers to users.

To get things going their first step is to create a something they are calling ‘smart packaging’ which will enable a fully traceable supply chain (on a blockchain)

How can it Help?

Cannabis related companies are finding it increasingly difficult to get banking solutions for their businesses, on both state level and international level, due to conflicting laws and regulations. PARSL will let both buyers and sellers to use a Crypto Currency ‘POD’ to transact on their block-chain. The Crypto POD will be pegged 1:1 with the USD. This will give confidence to business that they can hold their cash flow in POD. These tokens will be created and destroyed at a 1:1 rate with both deposits and withdrawals.

A number of cannabis users struggle to get access to the product without obtaining it illegally. These scenarios can be risky on many levels, and may stop some people who require it medicinally from using it. Another issue is weather you know what you are buying is what it says it is. PARSL would resolve this by tracking the product throughout it’s production cycle, letting you know everything from where it was grown to how old it is.

The SEED Token

This token will be used to as the main Utility token for Parsl and SEED Holders will be able to pay for subscription fees with the token. You will also be able to gain rewards based of the total number of seed you hold. Profits from fees are distributed to token holders, the foundation and shareholders. See Below for details:

The SEED Reward Drop 


If You held over 100 EOS or more  in an account on the 24th October then you will have received 1000 SEED

If you held less than 100 EOS then don’t worry, you can still AirGrab a dividend of 10,000,000 SEED Tokens (before January 1st 2019), you are required to complete a few questions each month or social tasks (very easy to do).

Don’t worry if you missed them, you can still Grab any of the next 11 RewardDrops, just hold SEED Tokens. Each airdrop will happen on monthly intervals, with weekly snapshots giving an average holdings over the month.

Available on Exchanges:

If you don’t want to wait till February to get in on the SEED Reward drops then you can purchase them from exchanges like Newdex.

Helpful Links:

Parsl Website –

The Team –

Parsl Reward Drop Web App –

PARSL is taking on two very controversial industries at the same time, both crypto and cannabis, a risky move, but it could just pay off! Being someone interested in both,  I will definitely be following along to see how things unfold. Look out for an update post in the future.

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    1. Jake McCormick Post author

      Thanks. There are a few places where it is accessible, but unfortunately, the global issues, limits those places ability to produce the best quality product for their citizens, Parsl will hopeful knock down a lot of those barriers.

  1. Infosion

    Yeah right, didn’t think about it that way so far. But very true, they combine two risky things who both have tremendous potential.
    I think PARSL, because of blockchain behind it, has really the power to support some of the current issues you refered to like the problem with banks. That this industry is uptrending worldwide can not at last be seen by for example Canopy, Aurora or others. And also more and more countries getting involved in it.
    There’s really so much that could be done effectively, reagarding for example collaborating researches for medical use or also the non medical use in industry.
    Thanks for this article!

  2. Smitty

    I too am excited about the Seed project. Tokens that have utility should do well as cryptos ramp up next year. Good to throw out reminders every month to perform our Parsl tasks so our airdrops are not taken back.