Hello my friend Tryber, I came back to fill out the article writing on the Trybe.one Platform. This time I will share the Tutorial on how to install Scatter and connect it to an EOS account. Maybe some of Tryber’s friends already know this method, but it would be nice for me to make this tutorial so that I don’t know so, so that they both know right? Ehehe

screenshot : get-scatter.com

What is Scatter?
PleaseScatter is a suite of applications created to enable users to log in and connect securely to the EOS blockchain network in an easy and safe way. Scatter has a desktop application, extensions in Google Chrome and mobile. Scatter is available to sign transactions and store sensitive EOS keys. Extensions in the browser are similar to Metamask, if you are familiar with using Metamask, the method of operation is almost the same as Scatter. In my article I will discuss how to use Scatter Extensions in the browser. Please listen and learn, bro.

Multi-Blockchain Scatter Support
Scatter is present not only on one blockchain, but they add support to a variety of new blockchain technologies. Scatter focuses on the Smart-Contract Sentric blockchain and provides a single API that can be used by any developer in the chain they are developing. For now Scatter supports the EOS and Ethereum blockchain. Official Website https://get-scatter.com/


screenshot : get-scatter.com

Scatter Makes it Easy for Users
Users of scatter are spoiled with easy digital signatures for every transaction on the blockchain. So, even ordinary users can comfortably use fearless scatter. You need to know that everything in the scatter application, such as passwords and other account identities, is only stored on your own device.

Scatter actively warns its users about dangerous applications so that your account data doesn’t leak, so you can be aware of the risks and avoid using these malicious applications. Safe, bro?

The Scatter application provides a Single Sign-On (SSO) login feature that uses asymmetric encryption to log into applications without a password. Well, this makes security more safety, closes the gap for hackers to hijack our account.

Then, How Do You Install Scatter?
Well, I will explain steb by step how to install Scatter in the browser.


Installing Scatter in the Google Chrome laptop & PC browser can be done by adding the Scatter extension in the browser application. You can download the Scatter extension first through the Google Chrome Web Store. Click this link to download the Scatter extension.

  1. After visiting the Scatter extension link, the next step, friend, click “add to Chrome”
  2. The second stage appears the message “Add Scatter? Yes, you select Add Extensions, download process and install extensions automatically.
  3. Scatter installation process is complete, scatter is ready to use. To use it quite easily, just click the Scatter icon.

How to connect your EOS account with Scatter
Well, to connect your EOS account with Scatter is quite easy, you must have an EOS account first. The steps are as follows:

  1. First of all you have to enter a new password, then confirm the password and click “Create New Scatter”
  2. Keep the Mnemonic code well by screenshots, then save it in a safe place. The Mnemonic code on the Scatter benefits is only used for password recovery and functions to regain access to Scatter if you forget the password. Click “I wrote I down” to proceed to the next step.
  3. A message appears Welcome to Scatter, then you have to start basic settings by pressing “Start Basic Setup”
  4. The next step is to enter the EOS private key and click “Import EOS Key Pair”
  5. Select account menu appears, you just have to select the account and authorization you want to use for the Identity that is connected to this Scatter. To be safer, I recommend to choose an @active account, friend.
  6. Now your EOS account is connected to Scatter, you can set your Identity and fill out all the additional fields that you might want, but it doesn’t have to be, you just need to be conditioned as needed. Enjoy enjoying Scatter, bro.

Example of Using Scatter
I will explain how a simple way to use Scatter to log in on the EOS blockchain, for example I will log in to the world’s first EOS-based Crypto Exchanger, namely: Newdex. Here are the steps:


  1. Open the site Newdex, click “Sign In”, then exit menu 2 login options, namely by Login with Scatter and Scan QR code. But the discussion here is just how to log in with Scatter. Okay, go on. Select “Sign In via Scatter”
  2. Scatter Extension appears select “select identity” as the agreement of the user.
  3. The last stage click “accept” and finish, now you are connected to Newdex with your EOS account.

Thus this tutorial, hopefully useful for all Tryber friends. If there are things you want to ask, please leave a message in the comments column. Thank you for visiting this blog.

Regards @rauzaljm


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  1. Ilia

    Thanks for the good allowance Rauzal! It is a pity that you have not made your post before I could not deal with the installation for a long time and could not find a good tutorial!