Ok, so sensationalist titles aside (I’m sorry) Infiniverse land auction is now live. This is a really cool concept and it’s happening on the EOS blockchain right now.

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What is infiniverse? It’s an augmented reality layer built onto the world we live in through blockchain. Sounds intense? It is… See this video for some more information (my initial interview with Neb, of whom I am a big fan).

Watch the video then be sure to go bug Neb in telegram where he is super active and just a great guy and contributor to the community here https://t.me/infiniverse/5197

More about the land auction “borrowed” word for word from his telegram (sorry Neb…)

The Infiniverse land auction is live! Bid on land at www.infiniverse.net/landmap.

For more information, read: https://medium.com/infiniverse/explaining-the-infiniverse-land-auction-614a84bb9cf6

The INF airdrop is complete! A reminder, INF is not an invesment! Read more here: https://medium.com/infiniverse/explaining-infinicoins-monetary-policy-559dce9a1ff0

If you need more INF to satisfy your land bidding needs, it is now listed on Chaince! https://chaince.com/trade/infeos

Love this project, really like Neb… Check it out. Very cool addition to the EOS ecosphere.