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EOS black is a dapp incubating ecosystem which rewards airdropped tokens from incubated dapps to token holders and contributors.

from the EOS Black website at

eosBLACK is an EOSIO-based multiverse that selects next-generation decentralized applications (DApps) projects, actualizes them with the top developers and competent supporters, and distributes the economic value to all members. eosBLACK provides an environment that can build promising DApps that will open the future of blockchain while realizing the value of decentralization by selecting DApps through decentralized

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* You can trade ‘BLACK’ token in the following exchanges.

KRW Exchange
1.Cashierest :

1.BigONE :
2.Dragonex :

1. Bancor :
3. Newdex :
4. DeltaDex :

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  1. Conceptskip

    Man, i am starting to have a hard time following your publication! Interesting approach and great that you shed some light at another App that is hardly known in the community. (I would love to see an interview with them, but guess that’s rather hard). There was a hard sell off recently, curious if this is only a glitch or if the hight prices will be history…