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So for anyone coming to the site this morning, you may have noticed a few things…

1-We have a new crisp and clean main page

2- The introduction of a new button at the top right of the page called token sale.  When you click on that button, you are brought to this page

Here at Trybe we are really focused on creating continual updates to the site to ensure quality and move the platform forward.  We have been working on everything from our speed to our new look and anticipating launching more catagories other than those pertaining to EOS, crypto and technology soon to expand our user base.  The presale is happening before our ICO.  We are offering a lmited amount of tokens at a highly discounted rate for the people who believe and support the project as those are the hands that we, ultimately, want to see holding them.  The market price is substantially higher than the presale and we want to provide an opportunity for early adapters to particpate and have a strong voice in the future of the platform.  The details are below

We are selling 100M TRYBE tokens in our pre-sale. The cost of these pre-sale tokens will be US$0.01. Anybody will be able to participate in this pre-sale.

However, any tokens that you buy in the pre-sale will need to meet the following condition:

They will be staked until the 1st of July 2019, and after that you will only have access to 10% of the balance each month for 6 months. After 1st January 2020, they will all be fully available for transfer/sale.

All of your presale tokens will be eligible for our ongoing airdrops on the platform and the airdrops will be transferred to your EOS account and not locked up.

If you missed our video walkthrough of our new whitepaper, please see it here

The proceeds of the pre-sale and token sale will be used to build a whole new software platform for As many of you know, the existing platform is build using WordPress and was only ever meant to be a prototype. The next platform will be custom built, contain a whole range of awesome new features that the current platform doesn’t have (including mobile apps), and will be much faster and more scalable (up to hundreds of millions of users at any time).

Interested in particpating in our Pre-Sale?  See the walkthrough below by Tom to find out how it works.

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  1. Phil

    Hi. I reckon you are all working very hard on this site
    However the android platform doesn’t work well. Takes forever to load the pages can’t navigate through the options and can’t log out to log back in for the 10 token drops. Find very frustrating and slow even though I’ve got a good signal. I reckon too much is going on with the program to work smoothly. Ok. Early days yet. Will persevere but I’m not reading as much as I would like too, if only it was quicker I’d enjoy it a bit better.

  2. Ilia

    TRYBE has definitely become my favorite project in the vast EOS blockchain! I have tried the process of participating in the purchase of coins and believe that everything is organized in the best way! Thanks for the great post!

  3. island-girl

    I like the new main page and the platform works a bit faster now even when on mobile. Great job team!. The proceeds of the pre-sale will surely help the development of the community. I’ll check that walkthrough video later =)