During an EOS airdrop, token holders will receive free tokens based a set of criteria, that the team or project issuing the tokens have decided upon. In some cases you are only required to hold your EOS Tokens in a wallet, however in other cases, you may be required to complete a set of tasks on perform an Airgrab, which requires you to manually obtain the Airdrop.

The difference between weather you need to airgrab the tokens manually, or you just receive them without even thinking about it, seems to come down to the amount of EOS you have in your wallet.

So what is the magic number to get all the airdrops!

That’s right, 100 EOS. 

So far from what i have seen from all of the most recent airdrops, all accounts with over 100 EOS got Airdropped the most tokens instantly. While all accounts with under 100 EOS had to go and Airgrab a much smaller amount of tokens.

This is a very useful thing to know, whilst the price of EOS is this low (Under $2)(sorry if you’re reading this in the future) and If this trend should remain, regardless the price of EOS, then you can imagine how beneficial it will have been in the future. As the EOS network grows, and more people want to obtain over 100 EOS, to cash in on it’s benefits,  it will become increasingly harder and more expensive.


It’s Time to Accumulate 

Now i’m not saying you need to run and buy 100 EOS right this second as we are still in a bear market, but i will be starting to accumulate EOS whilst we are in the bear/Flat market.

Hopefully you can take advantage of this information, as i think that in a few years it will not only be about the price of EOS, but the tokens circulating on the network. A lot of these projects are also building community owned projects, so not only do you get free tokens, but if they are successful you will continue to get dividend payouts.

Luck is acting on opportunity!

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    1. Jake McCormick Post author

      Thanks, You can open an account and then send eos to it to confirm it. It’s less than $1 i think at the moment, well worth it, just for the drops you’ll get between now and the next free wallet giveaway.. just a thought.

  1. Infosion

    Yeah right, thanks for the reminder! And as it recently turns out you really never can’t have enough CPU. So getting 100 EOS and just stake them in 99 CPU + 1 Bandwitdth should solve CPU issues most of the time and will give you acces to most airdrops, like you pointed out.