I have been in crypto world for some time now.

I joined many telegram groups,web groups as time going many of them started exhibiting scam attitudes.

Though i don’t want to mention names, you will invest your money, time at the end someone who don’t even know what it’s take’s to earned 1$ will Scam you and go with your money.

But here is the most credible telegram group and web group I never experience. But now in!!.

fellow trybers. have you guys notice these set of people??To mention but a few .Admin:Johanbeneke .Wow I always dm him.


Admin:Webdeals .Great

Admin:Big mike(kryptomike) Nice one he said to be my name sake Mike.. Mike.



This is said to be another vibrant personality in these group that I admire so much her ways, articles etc,Mark.d.v merwe.

With a good a system here:Group Butler.nice job

We celebrate you all you guys are so wonderful nice job well done.

My able admins You guys are the reason why we are here, why things are moving in accordance. Rules are obeyed, these is a unique platform. I Called these group “SCHOOL OF CREATIVITY. (IDEAR)”

Where you gain knowledge at the something you are making cool cash.

I notices one thing that other group members, see it that there are still new or still learning. They only visit the group and observed to learn an understand, there off asking for help when it calls for it.

I know for sure that we are always online observing the group but we should also comment to know an understand better.

In togetherness we shall all achieve our goals,it is very uncommon to to discover these peculiar group. It legit and educating.

There are many money making platform but it is hard to identify such.

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