Happy NEW YEAR!!

As we wave goodbye to the old & embrace the new, it will be to our desires that our hopes, dreams, and ambitions will come true. It is to everyone’s obvious understanding that 2018 has been the bottleneck in the crypto world. Any coin or project you look in to, has gone from better day to its bottoms and we are not so far away from the dreaded spiral that has been  ‘the 12 months cmc all times low trading margin’.

2019, the year for financial Success.

It’s no time to be gloomy about the losses or what it may have been that didn’t turn out as expected. As we enter the year 2019 the year or the PIG. there are plenty to hope for. For once, this is the year for financial freedom, it could be ugly, nonetheless everyone would have a PIGGY full of pennies, it is my hope it would crypto pennies.

And talking about pennies, here I would like to introduce you to the upcoming promising project. Enecuum ENQ. Enecuum is the world’s first blockchain to unite millions of connected devices into a single network.ENQ is focused on speeding data processes by having all connected smartphone pool together, by utilizing their untapped resources into one mega supercomputer.

What a user has to do is just install an app and start earning right away.

Some would doubt , ‘oh! security! , overload!’ Etc. NO! The app is equivalent to any chatting app and will not compromise your data security or overload your phone . Actually, you may not even notice it, since the Enecuum ENQ system will only use unutilized phone abilities. You can read more about this interesting project here https://enecuum.com

Remember we talked about collecting crypto pennies, here you go Enecuum is giving away 5000000 ENQ so head over there and collect your share.

Once again, Wishing you all a happy prosperous new year full of success!

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