Telos Blockchain Network (TBN) is amazing. Telos has implemented several features on top of EOSIO source code. Telos Mainnet is superior than EOS Mainnet in terms of sound governance and additional features such as:

  • Inverse-weighted Voting
  • Stable RAM via RAM Director
  • Block Producers (BP) flat pay rate
  • Block Producers (BP) Rotation
  • Working Worker Proposal System (WPS)
  • The independent Telos Foundation to ensure Telos Growth
  • Proprietary DApps Deployment
  • Trustworthy and Compliant Block Producers (BPs)
  • Comprehensive Working Governance
  • Community Rewards and small Founders Rewards
  • and more…

However, the success does “not” just depends on Technically Superior Innovations, Technically Sounds BPs,  working Procedures, and Processes. These are some of the basics that play a part in the success. They give competitive edge over other alternatives e.g. EOS Mainnet. The real success comes from Mass Market Adoption.

Without active involvement of masses and huge community support there can not be any healthy long term success. That is why we have setup a “massadoption” proxy.

Evaluation Criteria for Proxy ID: “massadoption”

This Telos Mass Market Adoption proxy [ID: massadoption] has been created to support Block Producers that take extra steps towards the path that may help Telos to Grow. Their efforts should lead towards the path of Mass Market Adoption. Mass Market Adoption can only be achieved when all sectors of the society can be involved.  It includes, but not limited to following activities:

  • Awareness Activities (e.g. in Social Media, Meetups, Boot Camps)
  • Education, Seminars, Conferences (e.g. Social Media, Universities, Schools, Conferences: Not just blockchain focused or Hackathons, but also other big conferences where it makes sense to involve new stakeholders/users)
  • Collaboration and Working with Enterprise Segments (Meetings, Dialogue, POCs)
  • Collaboration and Working with Governments and Public Sector (Education, Awareness, Meetings, POCs)
  • Applications Business Models and Development (both DApps and standard Apps; the users do not need to care about the letter D or Blockchain)
  • Telos Users Growth (bringing new brand of users to the blockchain world)
  • Emphasis on Global Applications, Services, Projects (including in Developing Counties or less advanced sectors of the globe)
  • Ensuring Diversity and non-Discrimination in all areas.

Telos Mass Market Adoption proxy [ID: massadoption] will regularly analyse and vote on your behalf for upto 30 BPs. In Telos it is very important to cast vote regularly as voting weight decays with time. Your comments are always Welcome!

List of Telos Block Producers (BPs)

List of Telos Block Producers (BPs) is available at:

You can also monitor them on:

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