Telos is leading innovation in many ares.  One of the big things is it’s support of  Inverse Vote Weighting.

In the EOS mainnet voting system, big whales can elect any block producer they pleased to choose. Whales who want to support only their own affiliated block producers can increase the value of their votes by not voting for anyone else. This is a big hole and problem in the EOS Mainnet voting system.

First thing to note is that Telos does not have big EOS whales. So block producers need only convince the broad collective of TLOS token holders of their strong candidacy.

On top of this Telos has invented innovative block producer voting which is called inverse weighted voting. It means that if you only vote for 1 or 2 block producers your votes have less weight than if you vote for 30. This encourages the majority of Telos members to become more educated about block producer candidates and discourages those who seek to vote only for themselves and their affiliates.

Meaningful Voting for YOU

As said to further empower small players like me and you, the Telos genesis snapshot (based on EOS genesis snapshot) caps all genesis accounts at 40,000 TLOS tokens. So per account airdrop/sharedrop is maximum 20.000 TLOS tokens ownership. Telos Foundation owned addresses were not supposed to vote (We hope the case is still the same, though thee were some last minute changes expected). Telos tokens ownership is one of the most proportionate of any cryptocurrency network. Telos members have a much more equal say in the governance of the network in comparison with the EOS members.

So Telos bringing more power to ordinary users.

YOU have got the Power in TELOS!

Now YOU have got the power in Telos and you can use it wisely.

Telos and YOU are Power together:

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