Telosfoundation is working for many exchanges. This is great news for EOS holders as they were waiting for both Telos to go live and for TLOS exchanges. At Telosfoundation has listed following exchanges:


  • Chainrift
  • Dexeos
  • Findex
  • Whaleex

I think it is amazing, it is wonderful, as soon you will be able to buy and sell TLOS (the Telos token), and exchange them for other currencies on above exchanges. You can check back for status at . There may be more exchange partnerships in pipeline.

From the Asian market WhaleEx agreed to partner with the Telos Foundation. This is great news for Asians. There is lot attention from Asia and there are lot of Telos news from Asia. Telos will also be represented in their EOS World Tour event series.

News Source:

Telos Foundation is stating that Telos Foundadtion is working with WhaleEx on a technical solution to support multi-chain EOSIO trading on their DEX. This is likely to be enable TLOS to be listed in early 2019 (exact date can not be guaranteed). It looks a bit late, but other exchanges will be working soon.

CEO of WhaleEx, Charlie Zhuang stated that

“WhaleEx is excited to announce our partnership with the Telos Foundation. Telos takes new approaches on blockchain design and governance. These are great initiatives”

“With our leading position in the Asian crypto community, WhaleEx can effortlessly bring Asian attention to the Telos project. Together we will accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology.”

I think of course this relationship significantly increases the Telos penetration into the Asian EOSIO markets.  This requires enough TLOS liquidity and it will further enhance TLOS liquidity in 2019.

Let’s soon have fun with Telos, as I think we son be abe to buy TLOS and if someone want to sell then they can do it…

If you do not know this then may be it is important to state that The Telos Foundation is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization established as a promotional and funding body to advance the Telos Blockchain Network and provide support to network functions that are not funded in other ways.

Contact Telos:

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