ChainRift: TLOS/EOS trading started…

Is not it amazing? We were expecting that it may take weeks before TLOS tokens will be traded in any exchange. But what a breaking news it is that just within 24 hours of activation of Telos Network, ChainRift announces that TLOS can be traded at ChainRift.

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ChainRift is also a Block Producer candidate on both EOS Mainnet and Worbli. In Telos, however, any exchange can become a block producer, but they have to comply with Telos requirements. Basically it means that they can not use voting power of their customers.

Now anyone can buy TLOS. These are the pairs that I can find at exchange:


The volume is low as most of the TLOS are still stacked!

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Note that ChainRift is a cryptocurrency exchange launched by 21MIL. 21MIL is a consultancy and development team, which is dedicated to building products and services around the Bitcoin space. ChainRift is focusing om user-friendliness. It is a functional exchange, targeting both casual users as well as seasoned traders. It has an intuitive trading platform that allows you to execute orders in lightning-quick fashion, without over-complicating anything.

In the press post , dated: Oct 15 2018, The Telos Foundation announced that:

Telos Launch Group representatives have reached a collaboration agreement with the cryptocurrency exchange, ChainRift to list the Telos Blockchain Network Token, TLOS, to be paired with both EOS and Bitcoin. This is the first TLOS/BTC pairing agreement for the soon-to-be-launched Telos blockchain.

Telos architect Douglas Horn said on that announcement,

For any cryptocurrency, the ability to trade directly against bitcoin is an important milestone. It provides users with convenience, liquidity, and speed of trading that supports their needs. Everyone working on the Telos launch is excited about adding this. ChainRift has been an ideal partner who has recognized the values and community-driven nature of Telos and expanded users’ ability to participate. ChainRift has shown their innovation, leadership, and willingness to champion worthy projects in supporting Telos as a pre-launch partner.

So this effort has materialized sooner that expected. Congratulations to all TLOS lovers.

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