The Telos blockchain network uses the same software EOSIO from as the EOS Mainnet uses. It means that the fundamental building blocks in EOM Mainnet and Telos are the same. The accounts structure, system architecture, fundamental working principals are the same. There are however some big changes. Or perhaps we should not call changes, as these are additional implementation. We will talk about them later (perhaps in other posts). But the similarities and using the same code base also means that DApps written on top of TELOS can run as well on top on EOS Mainnet. This could add an additional layer of redundancy for DApps. In future we expect to see one DApps ruing on top of multiple chains. The DApps may be possible to switch blockchain networks easily.

The primary EOSIO source code changes on the Telos blockcain network relate to how Block Prodicers (BPs) are paid, elected, and temporarily removed from service due to noncompliance. Thewre are also few other other, but prominent differences that result from;

  • genesis snapshot modifications,
  • constitutional changes, and
  • organizational principles.

TELOS & EOS Mainnet are Compatible

The Telos blockcain network ensure to provide a reliable, affordable, well managed network for developers to release DApps. Telos offers the many advantages over the EOS Mainnet. We will discuss those in next post.

However one important distinction to made is Proprietary DApps. EOS Mainnet does not allow source code to be private. It has to be made public. All DApp code running on the Eos Mainnet must be open source (This is in accordance to EOS Constitution: Article VII). However Telos Blockchan Network will allow Proprietary DApps to be used. Meaning that they can hide the source code. They do not need source code to be made public. This is an important distinction to be recognized that Telos will not force developers to open source their code.

So you start now see new innovation DApps that consists of multiple SW components in a holistic system. Some SW components may run of EOS MAinnet and other SW components that are proprietary may run on top of Telos.


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