Many of you are probably familiar with the cryptocurrency Stellar Lumens (XLM). Stellar was originally a fork of Ripple back in 2014 but was completely re-written by Jed McCaleb and co, and has become one of the top 10 currencies by market cap.

Stellar is designed to run seamless, cross border transactions and exchange between any two currencies almost instantaneously, but it also has a number of other great advantages.

Do you know what they are? Would you like to share your knowledge with our community?

Between now and the 15th of January is running a Stellar Lumens (XLM) content competition! Write an article on Stellar, post it in the Stellar category, and on the 16th of January we will judge all the entrants and give away TRYBE tokens to the ones we like best!

1st place – 25,000 TRYBE

2nd place – 20,000 TRYBE

3rd place – 15,000 TRYBE

4th place – 10,000 TRYBE

5th place – 5,000 TRYBE

We look forward to reading some great content about Stellar and learning more about this exciting blockchain platform!


  1. Cryptotexty

    Good contest. I was actually planning to write about Smartlands (Stellar-based project) and how they scammed me not paying my reward, and banning from Telegram. And that’s after I bought Stellar and opened wallet on Smartlands (so I’m kind of their customer).. They scammed me only by $100 but I don’t want to be silent, I want others to know that even successful projects can become scammers.

  2. SouthernCrossroads

    XLM has strong support. They have a interesting head to head battle going on with XRP providing a ton of information about the projects. This will be a good chance to highlight the projects and their unique origins. Most people don’t know that XRP was actually developed before BTC and how major corporations are siding up on each side of the XRP XLM battle field. The use case is also quite interesting considering the recent changes at SWIFT. There is great content here to work with…