Tokenized social media platforms where users are paid in cryptocurrency are the future of social media.  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and apps like Snap have market valuations of billions and are supported and used by billions of people.  Early investors in Facebook and Twitter profited handsomely from their investments, and tokenized platforms are equally likely to enrich their purchasers.

Steemit paved the way in 2016, and famously created STEEM and SBD based off the Graphene protocol created for Bitshares.  Steemit is being developed with over 100 applications including an RPG game, fitness application and a challenege to YouTube.  Tokens had an ATH price of $8 and sit at around $0.8 currently.  STEEM is a challenege to all existing social media and is a long term blue chip cryprocurrency with a #35 position by marketcap.

Smoke, Trybe and Adzbuzz are smaller niche social media tokens with huge growth potential.  All the tokens supported sell for less than $1, and due to the cryprocurrency market crash and subsequent bear market and undervalued.

Investors who bought Facebook stock at $26 years ago have seen their investment produce almost ten fold.  It is easily possible that the social media tokens on Steemit, Trybe, AdzBuzz and Smoke will do the same.  The biggest selling point is that these tokens can be had for Free.  A little sweat equity now will yield huge rewards later.  I am not a buy and hold fan of cryptocurrency, but do so with these tokens.

What to do now is simple.  Setup accounts with the tokenized social media sites and generate content and value.  Make connections and stake and hold the coins you generate.  Vote on exchanges like Binance and Bittrex to support your coins.  We are at a time where we can be early adopters and reap huge financial reward.  Don’t forget to have fun and build community.

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