How is your day, my friends? I hope God still blesses us for today. We must always be grateful to God who has given us all the opportunities to stay until now. I am sure we have achieved anything in life and that is why we must thank for the almighty of God then Happiness will always come to our life.

Today, I want to inform you one of the cozy place to have a cup of coffee in Bireuen. It is my lovely hometown. The name of coffee shop is StarBlack Coffee. The owner of the coffee shop is Alberjester. He was my classmate when we were in Yunior High School. StarBlack Coffee is always be visited by a lot of young people. It is easy to find because it is The located in front of the regent hall of the Regency of Bireuen District.

I was very glad to meet Albertjester. He is a friendly man and I had the opportunity to know more about Star Black Coffee from him.

The name StarBlacks was inspired by Starbucks

Albertjester told me that his desire to launch the coffee shop as gis bussiness after he visited StarBucks Cafe in Jakarta. It is one of the famous  cafe  in the world because of the taste of coffee is very nice and it is very cozy place as well. Starbukss provided inspiration for Albertjester and the name of StarBkack began with the Star because of StsrBucks. Albertjester added the world “black” word to identify the colour of coffee. StarBlack aim to have many consumers from young people in Bireuen because they love spending their spare time by enjoying coffee while interacting with their friends in social media. I think StarBlack is a comfortable and cozy place for millennial generation as well.

StarBlack Coffee was launched on March 2010 with a Modern and nature  concept. That is a the hallmark of StarBlack Coffee Shop.

“The young people love anything completely new. They would love to date with their friends at a cozy coffee. I have to prepare a new concept of a coffee shop to attract them from the beginning, my idea was to have  most of customers from young people in Bireuen.” Albertjester explained to me about his bussiness concept.

A cozy coffee shop

The StarBlacks was designed with an elegant concept and interesting place. This is classified as an extensive coffee shop and StarBlack Coffee be a home for the millennial generation. There have been two moderen coffee machine in StarBlack Cofee Shop to produce many kinds Arabica Gayo Coffee Beans to be a cup of tasty coffee. I can say that StarBlack could be a comfortable coffee shop for people who want to enjoy a cup of coffee while they can read many bews from their smartphone.

Tables and chairs are made from natural wood . They arranged neatly. There are 2 wide screen LCD television  that are always used to watch European Football League and Moto GP. The music always  be your loyal friend to accomoany you when you visit StarBlack Coffee Shop to enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee.

The bench uses a comfortable sofa, in black. The table looks very enjoyable and it must give you a good  impression of luxury interior design from StarBlack Coffee.

You can use various sides of this coffee shop to take some pictures. Natural paintings on the walls are the best angles to be your choice to take pictures with your colleagues and some special.

Menu in StarBlack Coffee Shop

StarBlack Coffee presents a menu with a nice appearance that is tempting and also rises to be photographed. Various coffee and Aceh menus, including fried rice, french fries, fried chicken, noodles, and other Indonesian foods are available here. StarBlack can also serve a vegetarian menu for you.

The menu that is served has a western name and a healthy menu.

My favorite is Star Espresso

Alberjester suggest me to tey a new menu of StarBlack Cofee Shop. It is one of favourite menu here. It is Star Espresso. “This is one of the typical Espresso Coffee of StarBlack”. ,Alberjester said while offering me a cup of star espresso. We ennoyed a friendly chat and star esoresso as well. For me, Star Espresso has a.nice taste and that is different from the type of other Espresso that I had have others coffee shop in Aceh Province, Indonesia.

There are many kinds of Gayo Arabica coffee that you can have in StarBlack Coffee. I recommend you to visit rhus coffee shop and you can feel the luxury of StarBlack Coffee in Bireuen.

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