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Have you ever asked yourselve where or what to play on EOS? Does BetDice has Black Jack? Was there a Lucky Draw at FunCity? Where can I play slots? Who has some new games coming up soon … and which ones?

If you have some questions like these, here are your answers! I created a spreadsheet and took notes on all games offered on the – to me so far known – EOS gambling DApp scene. Take into account that is a momentum snapshot. That’s what these listed DApps have to offer right now at the start of 2019. We will see what kind of changes to the current competitors will be happening. Maybe we can even see some new successful challengers entering this market who may come up with some completely new games.

  • The informatin about “soon” coming games is what you can see visiting their sites, no information added from telegram informations or similar stuff
  • If there is a “1” in the Lucky Draw column this means that there is one lucky draw free every day

This overview gives a good look on which games are more popular:

  • Almost all offer the DICE game
  • A lot of Black Jack’s
  • Some Video Poker/Jacks Or Better
  • Even less traditional Slot Machines
  • Lottery also only here and there. There’s often some mix games which are not only auction but also Lottery
  • The Crash Games has spread since its initial pop up
  • FunCity are the only ones offering Texas Holdem Poker PvP so far

From just watching it I think FarmEOS might be a very interesting choice for the future which I didn’t look much into so far (because you needed a lot of FOS to be included for the dividends payouts). But the games are looking pretty good so far!

From now seeing this, all in all, I think DEOS GAMES gets even more interesting with the amount of games they will offer in the future. Including the most simple games, which probably attract a lot of users more than any “new” special games (like I described in my last article).

Also, Royal Online Vegas will have a decent amount of games when their Multiplayer Baccarat will be ready.

For BetDice I’m sure we can expect even more interesting in the future!

From their announcements things are looking good for EOSMax for the future. YumYum also has a lot of games announced to be developed. We will see from them and others how, if at all or when they will deliver their new implementations in the future.

Here’s a list of all mentioned sites:

Hope you’ll find this useful when planning to gamble a little bit! If you’re serious about mining some tokens you might want to check the Mining Price column or the current price at A low mining price will give you many tokens, so in theory playing at the ones with lower mining prices might be better.

These are all my observations and are only my opinion. These are by no means any investment advices! Do your own research before investing into crypto currencies or any investment and especially EOS gambling tokens.


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    1. Infosion Post author

      Yeah, I’m curious to see how this overview might look in some months!
      And yes, I can see that coming too. I guess any card game variation games are probably more easy to implement. We will see … πŸ™‚
      Thx for your nice feedback!

        1. Infosion Post author

          Thanks a lot! That looks pretty interesting. Poker looks nice from the pictures, that one I’m really curious about. Also good to see Roulette coming. DICE is definitely worth watching more I guess!