Good People, I sparked this debate.

One morning in switched up my computer to take a look at my wealth ‘you know the dying kitties and their wounded dad-BTC’  Not promising!!  So  fired up my scatter and what I found bothered me a lot.

This one token has a value equal to EOS, why I asked. So I looked around since I wanted get me few more pieces before it is too late – otherwise at this rate price would rocket.

Here is the Fraud!!! The token calling its self EOS CAFE which ‘airdropped’ a while ago, is not what you think it is. On ‘Airdrop’ it was 1:1 number of un-staked EOS. Then it assumed eos  value.

However as confirmed by REAL EOS CAFE developer ‘@Jana Schiffer  via discord’ The Airdrop that mostly selected eos holders including me received – was/is a SPAM token , but with EOS CAFE logo. Airdrop in quotes , since this was not an airdrop , was a simple transaction.

How that is registering as a token while it is NOT, is disturbing.

This a random account , but its has that token as well

It being somehow connected to eos means that this is a BUG that EOS need fix soonest! I did pass these info to other EOS café developers, so that they could pass that disturbing development to EOS developers.

It may be nothing, but why spam transaction of 0.0002 eos shows as token!! It  could be a BIG loophole and big FRAUD in the making!!!

and here is the spammer

“WOW! Do you want to receive EOS every day? Follow the link ==> 1plusgo .com There won’t be a second chance. Hurry up to finish first!”

A little investigations shows that domain in question  has been suspended already.  Question remains who was this and why they did this???

So EOSians be on the lookout!!

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