My ebook is free, well kind of – you need to do a few clicks ie on official website of it or my famous cryptocurrency blog.

Some people get lazy or think it is too hard (when new to crypto) or too easy (if old schoolers) to use.

So i have shared one of the tricks initially – getting shares of top 10 bitcoin exchange i even made a post about it here –

So still you think the ebook is too hard to use or too easy if you are skilled ?

Now im sharing a method that got outdated so will be deleted in next version (yes i will be doing updates and revisions).

CoinEx exchange had the option to buy CET tokens, lock them and get shares of fees from trades there.

Sadly in December, they killed this. CET is used only for withdrawal fees and speculation. I still hodl it.

Thanks for contacting CoinEx support.
Lock&mine was already ended on 0:00 Dec 7th, 2018 (UTC), there are no rewards afterwards. For more info, please check this link below,
Kind regards

Announcement says:

CoinEx will put an end of the “Lock & Mine CET”promotion, starting from 0:00 Dec 7th, 2018 (UTC) and the arrangements are as follows:
Ending time
0:00 Dec 7th, 2018 (UTC)
After allocating the last-day CET rewards of “Lock & Mine CET” to the qualified users, CoinEx will put an end of the promotion “Lock & Mine CET” at 0:00 7th Dec 2018 (UTC) and all locked CET will be given back to users’ account.

So if you don’t know if you should check my free crypto ebook – now you do as two tricks from it and you can also see if you don’t get onto them ASAP they may get outdated.





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  1. Nicholas

    I use the coinex, for diversification, but the mining feature is not so “big”.
    For 10k locket CET, you get 3.5 CET each day. This is 0.035 % per day, almost 13% per year, doesnt count the possible price different between buy and sell. Not bad, but definitely not the best in cryptoverse 😉

  2. Dexpartacus

    Just downloaded and read, nice, it’s full of useful infos! Great, thanks, I missed some!
    You’re a multi-task man! I love your attitude here and on Scorum, everywhere!!
    Have a wonderful beginning of 2019!!