Publish0x is completely and purely cryto content sharing and publishing platform. where author’s rewarded for their work in the form of tip’s by readers, readers gets some portion of author’s tip for consuming content.

Publish0x looks much similar to trybe and steemit but it’s rewarding model is different. Publishers tips and content receivers tip share is paid in BNTY (bounty0x) token.

“BNTY token is already trading in some exchanges.”

How rewards will be paid ?

Publish0x has a fixed reward pool, when authors publish articles, readers are limited to tip only 5 to 6 articles per day and most importantly unique reader can only tip one article of a unique author, which helps development of all writers unlike steemit.

How to become publisher in publishs0x ?

As publish0x is still in beta phase, author’s are allowed to write content only through invitation only, to get invited you need to apply as a publisher with your past writings ” either it is blog or website, I applied for author program with trybe articles and got approval.”once you get approval, can start publishing good quality articles and get rewarded.

Only original crypto content is allowed to publish, no copy paste is allowed if so your account will be terminated with out prior notice and token balance will be reset to zero.

Another way to earn in publish0x is ambassador program.

How to become an ambassador ?

Any one can become an ambassador either it is publisher or reader, ambassador is rewarded with 5%  life long earnings of referrals, there is no limit on number of referrals.

Final word:

Publish0x is an amazing platform, where quality writers are get rewarded with no bias and readers also get rewarded for helping writers to grow. in personal good quality articles are earning thousands of tokens.

All the best and have a nice day!

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