I had the opportunity to talk to Fred Nogueira, co-founder, and CEO of pixEOS, for some hours and would love to share some of the insights he gave about the product, philosophy, and roadmap.  It is a fantastic example of the traction and energy we see within the EOS community.

How do you feel right now with all the hype around pixEOS?

Very excited about the current progress! Our token sale has been very successful with 50% of phase one sold these equals approximately 25% of total tokens, which is a great success in the current market situation.

We wanted to create a “Viral Hype Effect,” it seemed to have worked out! I am super excited that pixEOS is especially popular in Korea and China. We can proudly say 9,500 EOS accounts hold pixEOS tokens now and may be much more by the time you post this article.

The team is working tirelessly 24/7 to keep the interest high and the community growing. We are super motivated. When I see that one of the latest TokenPocket candy box stages was gone in seconds to 1,000 users, that is amazing and convinces me that I spend my time at the right place.

pixEOS is a multinational team, same as Trybe, how did you find your people and what are their skills?

The people found us; the community energy drives amazing people towards us. Many people from the EOS community approached us; the whitepaper stated clearly that our team was to be completed by community members, that´s precisely what happened. Our “organic” brand activation and marketing work have attracted many great people. The help of Trybe and all the other strategic partners was also a great asset!

We just got a new developer for our Smart Contracts on board that has been doing a great job on other projects.

Our advisors and strategic partners are helping us to move forward, to name some, our friends at EOSPhere, Cypherglass, Seal Capital, TokenPocket and all the other partners have been recommending people to us.

You are based in Portugal; I trust many people are interested where the company will be based?

The company will be located in Estonia, the founding process is close to being finalized. Team members and featured artists are working on other regions of the world like Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Korea, Nigeria, Mexico, Peru and US.

We think it is essential to set up a “real” business to build trust in the community.

3 companies are already connected to the project once the founders are established and experienced business and development guys. I still run my Event and Destination Management company, for example.

Why did you choose EOS blockchain for pixEOS? Did you think about alternatives, like Tron/TRX?

I love EOS, I have been into it for long.

It is the best functional blockchain so far, and therefore I am a big fan of EOS since day one. I was immediately excited because transactions are FREE AND FAST.

The EOS community is the strongest asset of the infrastructure. It´s a healthy and self-controlled community. I was working for a cybersecurity project based on ETH before, and the number of phishing scams and fraud attempts was insane compared to the EOS groups. Our group is a safe haven, we had one spam post in all our existence, and zero impersonations or fraud attempts that we know.

The governance structure allows fast execution and solutions for the challenges the tech has shown so far. Many people may have philosophical issues with it. Let’s open our minds, we need blockchain adoption; if we keep closed in our concepts, someone else will take the lead and deliver better.

You won´t believe, we were approached by some other blockchains on the very early stage of pixEOS, but our heart is with EOS and will be until we get EOS to be a massive pool of real use cases and impressive projects.

EOS has become a massive playground with dozens of gaming sites, how do you feel about that?

I think it is a natural direction to start with betting and gambling, the DAPP´s are simple to create, and the token economy can be quickly integrated. It is the first step to adoption.

There are other great projects, like Trybe, Hirevibes, Horus, Infiniverse or Karma, they need longer time to be developed and integrated into the ecosystem.

The difference between other projects and pixEOS is that we want to be as fast as Dice on delivery and as creative as The Chocolate Factory towards what we create and deliver to the community.

What do you aim to achieve?

We want to bring a simple formula to life: Art + Blockchain = pixEOS this explains it accurately. Same as you guys at Trybe, you want to deliver great, edited content to the world. We are using Blockchain to do this with Art. And together we can boost blockchain writing and art to mass adoption.

One further goal is to help the adoption of the EOS blockchain, and we would love to unify the community as there is a lot of competition which is not beneficial to the small EOS world.

We want to give our part to increase popularity, which is key to all of us and move competition into a healthy ecosystem. pixEOS for its media campaigns, don´t use any tokens but EOS. You want to work for us, EOS is the single token we use, pixEOS won’t be trading EOS for BTC or ETH to services that are indispensable for the company growth.

We are all about principles and ethical business practices.

Source: pixEOS Media-Kit


Can you explain pixEOS in some sentences?

pixEOS is all about creating great art and entertaining people, help solve provenance and proof-of-authorship problems and promote blockchain art to the world. Earning PIXEOS tokens or EOS is part of this too and creating adoption to keep the volume up on the platform. We want to make it as easy and as professional as possible to access our services, and the interface will look more like Photoshop than a DAPP you have seen before for comparable projects. Our core dev team has many years of experience in UI and UX.

We are building an Art Gamification Ecosystem on EOS which will be far more than a simple “pixel-game.”

I want to mention, that we are developing our own pixEOS NFT-standard (non-fungible tokens) our team has some great ideas and you will be able to store your art inside the EOS-Blockchain and create limited editions. We are working on generating NFTs backing physical artworks. NFTs can back a graffiti mural you made and limited editions can be later sold, the provenance will eternally be tracked on the blockchain as long as it exists, and even swept to another blockchain if it quit existing. Provenance problem solved for good by pixEOS NFTs. That’s still unique.

In case you are not aware of NFT´s, some information can be found here: https://cointelegraph.com/explained/non-fungible-tokens-explained

For further information, I have added the introduction from the whitepaper here:

“pixEOS will develop the first arts and games smart-economy on the EOS blockchain where pixEOS tokens have multiple utilities and support the artists, promote and present their work.
pixEOS Project is designed to be a sustainable smart-economy and there are many ways to earn pixEOS and EOS tokens, be it having fun drawing on pixEOS Paint, playing other games, contributing to the platform and supporting the EOS artists through the pixEOS Gallery and pixEOS Art House, where artists can publish their art and get commission requests for Visual Arts and Creative Media services.“

You can also e-mail us for our Media Kit to [email protected]

Please share an exclusive first look on the platform.

We are displaying various images on our social media outlets, already. Here is a sneak peek to the interface though. It is not finalized, but the first off-chain beta will be available quite soon.

These are initial interface designs:

Source: pixEOS Media-Kit

Source: pixEOS Media-Kit

As of yet, we do not have screens of the Art-House and other components. We will share those with you as we advance with our roadmap.

As of today, I am always comparing other sites like pixelfun with your project, what is the difference to pixEOS, is that a correct perspective?

Our team is known to the public; this is a crucial difference, we have gathered 20 people including developers and a real product is being developed. We try to deliver good news and cool stuff to the pixEOS community very often.

The team has been working with other blockchain projects and have been burned. We aim to create something sustainable and beneficial to the ecosystem and with a real use case, economy and mechanics. The era of superstars vaporware is gone, EOS is the blockchain of hard-working teams that deliver, it’s been proven every day.

A pivotal difference to many other projects is that we are building a tokenized economy with the PIXEOS tokens. Of course, there will be a pixel game component with a remarkable economy, but from the platform perspective, this is only a part of the overall ecosystem we are creating.

We have visions of creating an economy around this where merchandise and actual artwork can be sold, and all creators and token holders will participate from the profits. The pixEOS auction house and gallery to sell high-quality versions and very limited editions are big game changers on the NFTs verse; we are doing it with a world asset that is art and not a virtual pet.

The “pixEOS Art House” will be a commission based freelance creative media and design platform where you will be able to order artworks, logos or anything else you can imagine. You will be able to pay with PIXEOS tokens there.

Additionally, 90% of our funding is dedicated development, to the artists, community, and building our brand.

What can we expect to see within the next weeks?

The pixEOSbot is landing on earth very soon to give free EOS accounts to new people to the EOS ecosystem.

More airdrops and contests in our partnered wallets and telegram group to come. The pixEOS rain airdrop is live in our telegram group. If you enter and is a member multiple of 100, you will get the same amount of pixEOS tokens (100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 already got theirs).

We plan to launch our first off-chain widget within the first week of January; this will be very nice as we try to integrate a pixel-avatar feature so that people can create their own

By the end of January, the first DAPP, pixEOS Paint will be launched followed by the NFT standard and the Auction House.

As pixEOS is a scalable platform, our roadmap is already being extended, and pixEOS realms may become a reality later in 2019.

We have already confirmed the listing with significant exchanges, but to protect our token holders, we have a stringent anti-dump pressure strategy, and supporters will need some patience to see pixEOS on the exchanges.

A lengthy squad of top-notch exchanges is listing the pixEOS tokens when the time is right, and besides those in our website partner session, others will be added very soon.

Anything else you would like to share with us?


  1. A 10,000.00 EOS (yeah TEN THOUSAND EOS) prize contest will be disclosed to support artists and charitable organizations around the world that participate and commit to creating impressive physical installations to be backed by pixEOS NFts. The judges of the contest are international authorities in art and blockchain technology. It´s a world-class team of judges and a fatty prize pool for what we expect to be an incredible competition.
  2. We are also looking back to the “old” Blockchain world and started a project with Litex to connect Ethereum to pixEOS, allowing cross-chain transactions.
  3. Bitpie has just joined the party to integrate EBTC, EETH and EUSD pairings to the platform.
  4. Dice partnership is also confirmed with mutual platform token support. Soon you will be able to mine and get pixEOS tokens on the Dice platform.
  5. And… Our featured artists collective is working on what may become the most significant collaborative artwork of blockchain art. pixEOS Featured Artists talent is out of this world. We couldn´t be prouder and more humbled by their splendid support.

I can not wait to see what happens with pixEOS very soon!
Many thanks to you Fred, It has been a pleasure to talk to you!

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  1. Julia Williams

    Wow wow and wow,
    As I am an artist so maybe this opportunity will curve the path of my Eos journey into the success.
    I am super excited to join this awesome opportunity.
    Thank you dear sir for bringing this to us.

    With love and respect ✊