OnePageX, as the name imply is a single web-page Cryptocurrency exchange, or a single page crypto to crypto exchange with no registration or exchange administrative processes to deal with.

With OnePageX exchanging your crypto-coin without going through the hurdle in traditional exchanges is possible. That is, the processes of registration, verification and authentication are bypassed, giving you a gateway numerous crypto assert on the go. Primarily OnePageX is a crypto-coin tool that is to convert wide selection of Cryptocurrencies.

OnePageX has the distinguishing feature of having one of the largest selection of currencies, if not the largest, very simple user interface and OneBox Widget Integration(which can be integrated on external web-pages for easy transactions and currency conversion.

How To Use OnePageX

Select the coins you wish to convert

Insert the address you wish to withdraw the converted coin to

Click on start exchange and you are done

OnePageX is currently offering a 0% transaction fee for the rest of 2018! You read right, transactions will be charged at 0% for the rest of the year 2018, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, head over to OnepageX and exchange that coin.


OnePageX created a unique widget for websites so their customers can easily exchange BTC to the accepted cryptocurrecy, without sending them away to some exchange before transactions can commence. This will greatly increase visitor’s retention and conversion of visitors to returning customer. The widget, called OneBox can be implemented on a website by simply pasting a spippet. OneBox is a stand-alone version of OnePageX and the above steps works for its operation.


Johnson is an ICO and cryptocurrency/token investor, he is always holding BTC while waiting for the next Token/ICO/Crypyo-coin his research will tell him to buy. Johnson was used to the traditional BTC to exchange, exchange to preferred crypto-coin and coin to wallet, but news flash with OnePageX all Johnson does now is to input the amount of BTC he is will to exchange, input his preferred wallet and the rest is history. However it will be nice to know the team behind this project, a road map and an active telegram group.

For More Information

OnePageX Website

OnePageX Steemit

OnePageX Reddit

OnePageX Twitter

OnePageX Instagram

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