I’m writing this post on my phone using @partiko app while waiting @laputis to finish teach her organ student at the Cathedral in Vilnius.

@vanessamidwife recently asked me this question:

I am new on steemit and I literally was just wondering about this! I got quite confused when I couldn’t comment on posts anymore. Also on the @partiko app, when I want to upvote it has a slider where I must choose how much I want to give, or something. I’m not sure. When I upvote in my laptop on the steemit website I just click to upvote and nothing is asked of me. So on the partiko app, what is it with the slider thing when I want to upvote?

First of all I have to say, I love @partiko app not only because it has an elegant and fast user experience but also because it rewards me for every action that I make while using the app. Just for checking in I get 17 Partiko points, for upvoting somebody, I get 9 points, for making a comment I get 17 points and for creating a post I get 51 points. This is very motivating. Also combine it to the fact that these points can be exchanged into upvotes from [@partiko](https://steemit.com/@partiko) account and the promise that when SMT’s will come out, these points will become a separate token which could be transfered or exchanged into Steem, for example.

These gamification elements in the form of rewards deserve another discussion I think but for now let’s talk about the voting slider.

Voting slider gives you a possibility to give less than 100 percent votes to any post or comment. This is very powerful and useful if you vote a lot, if you read a lot and want to support a lot of authors.

If you always give 100 percent votes, then your voting power will diminish at the rate of about 2 percent per vote. But it will regerate after 5 days. So if your voting power today is 0 and you don’t vote for 5 days, then after 5 days you will have 100 percent voting power again.

This is useful to know because if you don’t let your voting power to drop below 80 percent, then it will regenerate to 100 percent in one day.

That’s what a lot of people try to do. And if they vote a lot, they often try to give less that 100 percent upvotes so that their voting power won’t be depleted so fast.

As a rule, it’s best to give 10 100 percent upvotes per day at the interval of 2.4 hours in order to keep your voting power to the maximum level.

If you use steemit.com for your activities on the Steem blockchain, then voting slider unlocks for you from about 500 SP. His is really limiting for planktons and beginners.

But if you use [@busy](https://steemit.com/@busy) or [@partiko](https://steemit.com/@partiko) and maybe some other apps, then you have your voting slider from the start.

One side note: with the Hardfork 20 upgrade, the optimum voting time is from 15 minutes so if you want to get maximum Curation rewards, upvote posts which are 15 minutes old.

Hope this helps.

And now I have to run because the hour is up, @laputis has finished her lesson and we will go to our monthly book club meeting.

Please let me know if you have any other questions about your journey as a Steemian.

Vidas Pinkevicius




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