no doubt that #Lightning Network had exponential growth in 2018. it deserves the accolades. but how come almost no one in crypto mainstream media is talking about the successful launch of $EOS, explosion in Dapps + users, and EOS dominating all active blockchains?

Jealousy….. People get mad when the good news don’t happen in their own house. A good news in your neighbors house is good news for you too.

Imagine @boxmining still telling the world That #BLOCKCHAIN is still having scalability issues, meanwhile #EOS has almost solved that.

That’s how the world is, as long as the good news didn’t happen in their house, they won’t clap, infact they will tell you the mistakes you made before you got that good news.

Just check out what tron and eos is doing, the scalability we’ve all been crying for is here, now we hate it.

CRYPTO PRO TIP: if you care more about utility, user adoption, and overall blockchain activity over speculative pricing and market cap, then the #flippening already happened in 2018. $EOS leapfrogged both #Bitcoin and #Ethereum.

sources: @DataLightMe @Blocktivity1

remember that $EOS is only ~6 months old and it accomplished all these feats in the middle of a crypto bear market when the real #BUIDL happens 💪😎🚀

EOS 2018: A Year In Review + What To Expect For 2019!

Lots of exciting projects out there doing great things, I’ve been reading about credits and some other projects lately, exciting stuffs I found out.

Why do people become blinded to other technology?

Why can’t people differentiate between FUD and facts?

Too many questions

Despite the bear market, kept hiring professionals, even till date, they are still hiring,

Now before you comment your negative comments and point out faults, first comment a blockchain without faults, when you done, you can drop your attacks.

It’s just like the coming of Jesus, they all wanted the savior or messiah to come, but when he came what happened? They killed him!!! Thru called him a scam, they look for faults.

Same thing is still happening today, man hasn’t changed,

No Blockchain is yet without downsides, so should we major on the downsides of some and ignore downsides of others.?

I’ll clap for any project that does well, wether bitcoin, Ethereum, tron, Ada and will even clap louder for the one who does exceptionally well.

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  1. Conceptskip

    Nice rant! First of all, don’t get me wrong, i am an EOS supporter myself, but we need to remain observant of issues, and in this sense, boxmining has an argument. We need to see EOS governance play out otherwise, some block producing exchange might by up all the bps and then we have a centralised system, this is the risk and tradeoff we are taking.

  2. Infosion

    Oh yeah well, seems like Boxmining is not really objective there. Normally I like his stuff very much and think he is doing some great videos. But this reaction shows for me the lack of awareness about the importance of EOS right now … It’s just like whatever can be a reason not to look into EOS, people will go for it and name it, but ignore it on other stuff. Like a lot of people finding reasons not to look into cryptos because of X. But then facing problems (banking world for example) which could be adressed and supported with developements of the crypto space in the bigger picture…
    Very good article, thanks for sharing!

  3. VG

    I think this was a good article and have no criticism @djoesamie. It’s so hard to keep up with all the different coin/token updates. People just spout off whatever they think they know. Next bull run will bring about more crypto “experts”.