14 months ago the crypto bubble brought with it a lot of people who were just trying to make a quick buck. I was one of them. Everyone was overexcited. We would have crypto meetings on a weekly basis where we would  exchange opinions on coins, recommend ICOs, speculate on prices, and generally try to exploit as much as possible this virtual El Dorado. Truth being said, we were not making money because of how amazingly good we were at trading, but because pretty much every single coin was going up. The market was greener than the American cheese. Then the bear market  arrived and gradually everyone began to disappear while the crypto meetings suddenly came to an end.

In the meanwhile, I started working for a cryptocurrency company. That was by far the best thing that happened to me last year. It kept me and it keeps me quite busy. At the same time, I kept trading, I kept trying to guess the bottom, and bought what I thought was  the dip numerous times. I also tried to improve myself as a trader. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been longer than a year!

  My New Year’s Crypto Resolution is to try to contribute more to the main stream adoption of cryptocurrency in Japan.  Every Tuesday afternoon I’ll make myself available to beginners who live in Osaka/Japan and  who want to find out how to set up a wallet, buy crypto, day trade, etcetera. The enthusiasm is gone, I understand. However, I’m still extremely bullish on crypto as I believe in the future of the  blockchain technology.  Will we have another bull market? Most probably we will. Rather than speculate though, I’d like to focus on crypto and its mainstream adoption. The rest is just a bonus I’ll patiently be waiting for. 

To the moon!

*In this picture you can see one of the crypto get-togethers I used to organize last year. Good times!

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      1. VG

        I really like IOTA. We are taking training at my work for 5g and they have a great idea. They are making the backbone for Machine to Machine fee-less transactions. VeChain is kind of in the same boat, but has a ways to go.

        1. AD Post author

          I’m not very bullish on Iota, but that’s probably because I’m not a developer and becauseI haven’t really studied the technology behind it. I might have to reconsider.

    1. AD Post author

      Thanks, brother. Just getting started! I need more Trybe power as well:). I think I just discovered my passion for writing. I’m not a great writer, but I enjoy it a lot. Here’s to an amazing 2019.