Hello Trybers!!! We just have few hours to the end of this year, so I thought to myself, what would be the perfect story to share with you guys? Finally, I came out with this answer, to share with you guys my journey into the crypto space.

Should I say I’m still a newbie in this game, yeah, I think that’s right, because 2018 is the year I took interest in Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. When I first started it seems to me like something that cannot be achieved but as time went by, I got to realize that the journey is a gradual movement, the best movement that can be used to describe it is “Slow But Steady”.

The story is a very long one but for the sake of time and space, I would try my best to make it short. Actually, I first heard of the new technology in 2017 but I wasn’t too interested in that because that was the year the crypto market attained its highest peak, so I just concluded within me that I have missed the train, all hope is lost, only for it to be back to normal in the early months of 2018. That was when I opened up my mind to learn more about how the whole thing works.

In March 2018, I started my first activity on the blockchain network, I opened an account on Steemit so I can start blogging. I blogged and blogged and blogged all day all night, participating in contests on steemit and writing original posts all by myself. Sometimes I will even have to miss my night sleep just so I can keep up to time on steemit. The most remarkable thing I think I did for the knowledge of this new tech is “Pausing my school activities for at least one semester”. I did so because I realized that I can no longer cope with my normal daily research on the blockchain network and at the same time attend lectures and all of that, so I decided to choose between the two.

It was a very interesting experience though it wasn’t easy at all. With time I got used to the stress imposed on me by my daily quest for knowledge on the new tech. As the months went by I began to meet so many online who helped to trigger the thirst for knowledge in me, they are exactly what I needed in my life back then. I can never forget them in life, Ajulu Ogochukwu and ID unique, these 2 people are already part of my life now because of the role they played in my life back then.

I continued my journey in the crypto world all through the months of March, April, May, June, July, August stacking and hodling crypto assets for future purposes. Even till this moment, I’m yet to reach the target I set for myself but I know and believe that one day, all the struggles will become stories. I’m happy to say I never regretted my decision to skip one full semester in school just to stack up more knowledge on Blockchain technology.

Today, I’m a proud owner of different digital currencies including the likes of BTC, steem, XRP, EOS, Trybe, Karma and so many others which are not worth anything today but my instinct keep telling me that they will be worth something tomorrow. My advice to all those reading this, “if you see an opportunity that’s worth risking your life on, do not hesitate to do so as it may be your life changing opportunity”. I never liked the idea of skipping one full semester in school but I just had to do it, since I have seen so many people been delivered out of poverty through the knowledge of blockchain technology in the past years, my case will never be different from theirs.

Thanks For Reading!!!

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