I’m grateful to @stellabelle whose article on Medium inspired me to come to Steem last January. It’s been a wonderful year here for me – I started drawing Pinky and Spiky comics, participating in Artstorm and Steemit-Webcomics contests.

Later I began organizing Pinky and Spiky Drawing Contest which is currently running 41 weeks in a row (thanks to all the wonderful people who participate). With time when my Steem power rose I decided to support Artstorm and Steemit-Webcomics myself. It’s my and @laputis way to give back to this wonderful community of creators on Steem who want to monetize their brain.

Even though 2018 was a bear market year for crypto world and the activity of many Steemians diminished I still continue to be active here every day. Actually low Steem prices allowed me to reach Orca level, something which would not be possible when Steem was $4 and more in value.

I have good hopes in 2019 for my activities here. Regardless of Steem price @laputis and I will continue to support @deemarshall and @cobmaximus communities as long as we can. Everyone wants whales to upvote their posts and donate to their causes so I thought why can’t I be that person (even though I’m not a whale).

In fact, in January we are testing our new Secrets of Organ Playing Contest for people who play the organ. This way some of our current students will enter the crypto world through Steem. Hopefully some will stick.

I continue to spread the love for Steem in my circle of friends. In fact, last year I helped create Steem accounts for 5 people, 2 of them are still active. But as we all know the beginning journey for planktons are difficult on Steem.

Not only low Resource Credits limits their actions on the blockchain but their content gets easily lost here. Many think all they need to do is post quality content. But that’s certainly is only a part of things which is important on Steem.

That’s why it’s crucial to have some friends with more experience who can help figure out technical challenges and offer valid strategies on how to get discovered here and grow your influence.

For this reason at the end of 2018 I started to write more about these problems people are having on Steem and I hope to continue to do so in 2019.

I’m grateful I met @taskmaster4450 and @tarazkp whose positivity about Steem lift ups many Stemian’s day. Another source of inspiration is @spectrumecons whose economy analyses have open my eyes to a lot of advanced concepts. State of Steem reports by @pennsif help me stay on top of news and developments on Steem.

It’s funny how less than a year ago I was a newbie plankton who didn’t really know what he was doing on Steem. Fast forward to today and now I gained some experience that came from extensive reading about Steem and from my own mistakes.

I have a few ideas lined up with questions from real new Steemians who got stuck. If you have any question, please leave a comment. Maybe I can answer it in a special post which might be helpful to other people as well.

I will keep my Pinky and Spiky comics coming. I hope this silliness will put a smile on your face.

What are your hopes for 2019 on Steem?

Vidas Pinkevicius




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  1. Julia Williams

    Dear friend you are absolutely right and described the right thing in your article, I am very positive on Steemit future this year let’s see, it’s nice to read the stuff.
    Happy New Year dear friend.
    With love and respect ✊