Hello Trybe Community,

A little about me, I am an Firewall Engineer by trade. Got into stocks early 2000, lost a lot of money in options trading, got into gold in 2005, learned about the monetary system which then lead me to crypto in 2011.  Big fan of Tom Brady as you can tell by my username, hahaha. Writing is not my forte but some of my goals here are to share my life lessons, business lessons, crypto related topics, and network with the community members from all walks of life.

This is my first blog on Trybe, so please be nice 🙂  I am no stranger to blogs. I have spent countless hours reading articles on various topics mainly on WordPress and Steemit platforms. I posted a few blogs on Steemit, however I quickly lost interest due to low feedback from the community. I felt that only a handful benefited on Steemit. Even when I wrote about something that I thought would be really interesting, it failed to attract an audience. It just didn’t have a community feel to it.  If you weren’t part of the circle, you’re not in it.

Here at Trybe, the moment I introduced myself on the Telegram channel, I was greeted by the friendly staff and community members.  The members are always ready to help with issues related to the platform. No issue is too big nor too small, the community is always ready to help.  I remember trying to figure out how to insert images and someone on Telegram helped me, this was around 1AM Eastern. Compared to Steemit chat, you get mostly spam from other bloggers trying to promote their articles.

Another Trybe future I like is it requires every bloggers to submit articles for review, prior to publication. It’s probably a manual and tedious process right now, but I know Trybe dev team will figure out a way to partially automate it using smart proof reading/anti plagiarism software. I am expecting big things for this platform, I can see the blogger migration happening already.

Trybe feels like a new home.

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  1. CryptosDecrypted

    Welcome @tombradyqb12 Yes, Trybe has a very engaged and helpful community. Folks are keen to learn from each other and the standard of articles is high and improving (in my opinion). Looking forward to reading your future posts. It will be great to have someone with your background adding to the mix!

  2. Infosion

    Wow, awesome path you made there so far!
    And yeah I get you, I made the same experience with STEEM. For me it seems very “overflooded” with any kind of content. Think allready much better here on TRYBE on the quality aspect of the content and many other things that STEEM just did not “perfect”.
    Think you’re at the right place now 🙂

  3. Jungle Onion

    I’m also new here at Trybe and it feels exciting to be part of a project like this. It definitely is a much cleaner and higher quality platform than most other platforms out there. Even if Steemit has a lot of reputation and a big user base, it has a lot of issues and spam that doesn’t seem to affect Trybe. Trybe will become a strong competitor as the user base grows.