One day at my favorite drinking haunt,
I met a guy wearing boots that made all envious,
crocodile boots these were, he did flaunt,
determined to find truth and extremely jealous.

Pushing my way through the staring crowd
asking him twice just to make sure,
I shot him myself, he confirmed aloud,
I now wear his boots he did reassure.

Sold my beloved EOS to Fiat,
excited and anticipating my new boot,
ran off to the local rifle shop to buy it,
many discussions about the best for a shoot.

So decided on which was the best rifle,
to get myself boots and to also show off,
first to find a crocodile how delightful,
to every person around I will scoff.

All EOS bought me enough for my trip,
kitted out with the latest camo outfit,
when my friends see boots they will flip,
so excited now and ready, I couldn’t sit.

Hurriedly off on my hunting trip I went,
by the closest river I was to patiently stay,
in my truck over our local border I was sent,
prepared for action I waited night and day.

For this special moment to get my crocodile,
finally my fashionable dangerous croc appeared,
in the bushes, I was camouflaged in style,
I cocked my rifle, as I squeezed and quietly cheered.

I fired and breathed a sigh of satisfying relief,
off I ran to collect my victim boots and to my dismay,
as I rolled my treasure over like a thief,
what a grief no boots were worn by my prey.

Cut a long story short, my EOS I should never sold,
my expensive trip cost me more than my crypto,
I lost all my valuable coins, I should have rather hold,
I still wear my normal sneakers, where my toe is a show. 

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    1. Zeus69 Post author

      LOL, yeah its only a play poem, thought it would be funny to write something different, wont sell my TRYBE, its too valuable and not the right time at all.
      Thanks for reading and commenting,
      Mark (Zeus69)

  1. Workin2005

    “I still wear my normal sneakers, where my toe is a show.” Haha…I have an old pair of sneakers I consider lucky and will not throw out (although my better half hates them). When wearing them, my toe actually is a show. Anyway, great work again Mark.

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Hi There, yes it is a poem and a story, about giving up my EOS to buy a rifle, etc. But it is a made up story to explain the importance of not wasting your crypto to do silly things.
      Unfortunately if you translate this into another language you wont get the essence of the poetry. Thank for reading and taking your time to comment.
      Mark (Zeus69)

      1. Cloud blade

        Many languages
        Have major blind spots
        Translation will lose its original meaning
        Unfortunately, I don’t understand English.
        I only use translator,
        But I still see that she is a wonderful poem.
        Not is?
        Marvel at your poetry.