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Miracle Tele Product

Miracle Tele is an MVNO registered and headquartered in The Czech Republic They have a working product/suite of services namely a prepaid SIM card with low cost fixed rate calling worldwide available in 163 countries as of this writing. Also has traffic rates depend on the country where the customer is located and start at €0,007 per MB.

Services currently Provided

  • Multiple international virtual numbers per SIM card
  • Receive calls free from anywhere in the world.
  • Users will be able to use Whatsapp and Telegram for free when their balance has run out beginning from Q1 2019.
  • Low Data rates available in some countries(Some countries the rates are quite high,but there are plans to improve)
  • Private There are no forms to fill out no contracts. Your real World Identity can be anonymous
  • Monetization of profits on Ethereum blockchain 40% company profits are shared bi-weekly to Miracle Tele token holders and can be withdrawn at any time via a variety of Fiat or cryptocurrency options.
  • Monetization of referrals. Earn 10% of what referrals top ups forever.

Future Development

  • Creation of their own blockchain
  •  Prepaid debit cards
  •  Q1 2019 Customers will be able to use their TELE tokens—that can be either purchased or received as token holder rewards—for payments for Miracle-Tele telecom services, therefore helping to decrease the cost of airtime and traffic for customers even more.
  • In Q1 2020  will incorporate VPN services into Miracle Tele SIM cards.

This is a great idea, and as far as I know the only working product of its kind. It addresses the needs of a huge demographic of people that could benefit immensely from this product. Ther target demographics are travelers, business people, expats living outside of their native county who constantly phone home and of course cryptocurrency users.

I and anyone who travels frequently knows the hassles of arriving in an airport and having to get connected right away. I have experienced having to by a chip from an airport vendor for $50 U.S or having to use the free or paid wifi services or connection centers or paying outrages roaming fees from your service provider. With Miricle Tele, you only need one chip no matter where you go and you can have a virtual l local number as well. another demographic are people in areas with poor telecom infrastructure, this represents a huge chunk of the global population with billions to spend. Take the Dominican Republic for example. Everybody in The  D.R has a phone and everyone always has minutes and data. The problem is to put credit on your phone you have to go to buy a chip you have to present your passport and even finding a place to make a top-up can be difficult sometimes. In some countries, the rates can even compete with local service providers.

Besides having a working product(We at PWWI will be receiving some test cards soon to see how they perform in various different countries) the really great thing is that they are paying 40% of the profits to token holders who stake Tele tokens. We received 100 tokens in an earlier airdrop and have included screenshots of payouts since then.*(WE have also purchased some additional tokens since then)All payments have been outstanding, and are paid out in Fiat which can be withdrawn directly to a bank account or to a BTC;ETC;ETH;DASH or LTC wallet. So far these dividends have been ranging from 6-10% every two weeks! That is nothing short of incredible. The only “problem” is at the moment the Tele tokens are still in ICO and probably won’t be tradeable on any exchanges besides some Decentralized exchanges until it finalizes in October of  2019. That doesn’t mean that they will be untradable but they will very likely have low trade value but conversely keep speculation to a minimum.

This is a screenshot of an account that received 100 tokens via airdrop in July. In 6 months and only reinvesting twice with the dividends, the account has grown by 74 %. Those are very impressive dividends!



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