Technology advances at an ever increasing rate, and with it comes new, innovative, world changing ideas that enable us to progress collectively and advance our understanding of whats possible. Bitcoin, or the tech surrounding it, is just one such thing we can all relate to in the current time, however bitcoin is not where it ends.

Since Bitcoins (Blockchain) birth there have been numerous ideas, concepts and real world tests , that are helping us better define, just what it is that can be achieved with this new technology…. Ethereum & EOS are a great example of the evolution taking place.

Currency, Politics, Governance, Voting, Data Ownership, Profit, Ledgers, Decentralization, Gambling, Asset ownership, IPO’s, STO, and much more.. the list will continue to grow.

In the short run, as as the list of use cases grows, many new projects will inevitably emerge, but as we’ve seen this year with a number of ICO’s, only the real use cases, and community driven projects will survive, which means we have to be more diligent when deciding what, how or to whom we delegate our resources to, weather it be physically, financially or today even computational – Which bring me to BOID!

What is Boid?

Their Words…. “The Social Supercomputer”  but to elaborate, it allows you to delegate you computing resources, from almost any device, to help solve real problems by taking part in distributed computing projects. BOID also has a social network layer, where users can come together in teams and compete on global leaderboards. (Trybe has a Team)

How Boid Works?

Boid is short for bird-oid. A computer simulation of birds in a flock. Each “boid” follows simple rules of interaction with nearby boids. Many boids interacting results in emergent meta patterns. Likewise, the Boid Platform relies on computing resources from a large number of individual contributors. These small contributions cumulate into massive real-world impact.

There are many research projects out there that require computational power in order to solve problems or analyse data. The barrier to entry for people to access the resources necessary for this is usually out of reach from the average person, both to provide or purchase. BOID brings that barrier to entry down to a compatible smart phone and the internet. (This would give you access to all the necessary tools to participate)

When you join the BOID community you join a team (Obviously Team Trybe).

By delegating your computing resources, you will earn Boid Power. You then compete weekly in challenges for both money and prizes. These challenges are both individually and team related to the amount of boid earned. Your Boid Power can then be used to mine for various cryptos. Get paid out daily however you like.

Rather than just mining for the sake of earning, BOID allows you to contribute to solving real world problems in Medicine, Astrology and more, whilst simultaneously being financially rewarded for it.

Trybe Team on BOID

Trybe had a community partnership with BOID, this means you can join together with over 1000+ Trybe Members using BOID. Currently holding the number 2 Position on the Team Leader board. (As of writing this)

Join Trybe Team On BOID – click here


Want to Start Using Boid?

Once you have created an account, Boid allows you to choose weather you mine directly in your browser or you can download the application and operate it directly from your computer. If you are using multiple devices, you can view and manage them all from your account dashboard.

*You will need an EOS Account to Participate*

Once you have account you will be also be able to invite others, if someone joins through your link, They will automatically be joined to which ever team you are in, growing your teams total BOID power and i quote “you will earn a small percentage of any boid power they generate” (Don’t expect to make much personally from referals, it’s more to promote your team/project)

Website –

Join Trybe Team Automatically –


BOID looks like a really promising project and i urge you to have a look further into them, if what you just heard sounds of interest to you. There’s a few interviews out there worth watching.

I can see how this concept will work and also how it could be adapted to offer similar opportunities in other areas. I will definitely be following along and delegating a CPU while things progress.

If you enjoyed this content then please make sure to vote and follow me here on Trybe and i will continue to write more .

Plus, i’ll be doing an update article on BOID in the future, so make sure you don’t miss that.

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      1. Jake McCormick Post author

        To get the best understanding your best to go over to there site and have a read through all the info, whitepaper, etc. But if read the article above I’ve explained it in a simpler form. Feel free to ask any questions here, that way everyone can get them answered together 😀

      1. CryptosDecrypted

        On and off for a few months – but mostly off as my other rig is Linux and my main laptop is almost always in heavy use. So my total power to Boid payout is always fairly low – if you leave it running for a couple of days the rate really ramps up.

  1. helmibireuen

    I am still confused about how #BOID can be run, I have filled out the form from the Boid and entered the name of my Trybe account in the form, but I haven’t got the 1,000 BOID tokens yet.

    And I get my BOID account name not real name.

    Maybe you can help me with this @jmceos

    1. Jake McCormick Post author

      I’m not actually to sure about that, you will need to contact the BOID or Trybe team, depending on who is doing the promotion. Can i ask where you got the form and when you filled it in? I know that had a similar promo back in September , I missed it 🙁