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  • Steem — So Much More Than Steemit

    Back in March 2016, the Steem blockchain came into existence. Ned Scott and Dan Larimer formed Steemit Inc., to develop this blockchain. In July 2016 they released a front end for the blockchain called It was released as…

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    • Steem is really a great social networking distinguished by the energy of it’s communities. Many people especially the new ones just find it difficult to settle in.

      • the key is to get on to Discord … I’m biased but I’d suggest the Ramble and in particular the Pimp Your Post Thursday shows. People from across the platform take part and your chances of connecting with like minded Steemians goes up

    • Excellent article! It really shows how is not-so-new, but at the same time, it is so very young! We are merely at the precipice now and I am excited to see the growth and changes unfold. Thanks for sharing and hope to drop into PYPT after school pickup today 😉

      • Thank you Brandon … it really is an exciting time when we look around on the platform. Interesting stuff happening all over.

    • Steem is very great platform! Thanks for sharing your mind

    • Nice information..
      Thanks brother

  • Patti May wrote a new post 4 months ago

    Perceptions Are Definitely Not Perspectives

    Every Monday over on Discord one of the Steem communities there called Buddy Up holds a voice chat called Drop in the Ocean. Each week a word is chosen for the participants to write about. They can take any…

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  • Why Am I On The Steem Platform?

    Several days ago, a Steem user who goes by @therealwolf asked in a post for people to respond about why we’re still on the Steem platform. The subject has been sitting idly around waiting for me to get a…

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    • Great post Patti! Thanks for sharing and welcome to Trybe 🙂

      • Thank you Tom.. great to see the categories have been expanded again .. gives me more space to write in .. so to speak 🙂

    • Very interesting article, I like it….thanks @shadowspub

    • Great mail. I think it doesn’t just apply to Steem as far as limited thinking is concerned. People currently associate crypto currencies only with a digital means of payment. Much more has not yet arrived with the majority. So it’s a leap for people to understand that Steem is a fuel for a social platform. Until the view can be extended to look at the entire ecosystem, this will still take some time. P.S. Nice to welcome you to Trybe!

      • thank you … I do agree there is a lot of limited thinking. It seems like people’s ability to think in general diminishes the more we experience the world in sound bytes. But the awareness will grow over time as the thinkers move the process forward

    • Awesome article. There’s lots of benefits in the Steemit platform. Although there is a problem with the voting power some people have, they centralize daily rewards this way and I’m not sure how this problem will be address in the future but Steemit will stay for a long time. Trybe’s reward system I think is more efficient. It also solves the issue of having spam content flooding the platform.

      • yeah there has been some issues with rewards … i do keep in mind that Steem is pretty much the experiment others will build off. Something had to lead the way.

  • Considering Obligations – Not All Are Equal 

    “Oh, I wasn’t expecting you to be home.”

    “That’s the easiest way for me to answer the phone. What’s up mom?”

    “I have the arrangements for your grandmother’s funeral. The service will be at the funeral home on Thursday at 11am.”


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    • When the day is done, no matter the obligations you make or miss, you have to still be able to look in the mirror and know you can live with what you see there. That you made the best decision at the time for yourself.

      obligations to yourself and your sanity, while not always easy, are what makes you strong and able to stand behind why or why not you kept an obligation.

    • this is true… there are many types of obligations and choosing what is right for yourself even if not right for someone else can be tough but necessary

    • Yes, often the “older generation” doesn’t understand the newer generation,,, and many people just don’t understand OBLIGATIONS (aka CONTRACTS to perform)…. Life is not easy (no one said it would be), as was stated above the most important thing is that you can look yourself in the mirror and be content ,,,,, normally I tell people to “look from your death bed, and do those things now that will be important then”.

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