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  • Problems of EOS (Update 7-1-2019)

    Blockchain can change the world but it may not be EOS
    As an investor of different Cryto projects, I believe that EOS is one of the block chain with great potential and advanced technology. However, you may also like me…

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    • Well written, Jimmy.
      I’m becoming more familiar with EOS, and I like the zero transaction fees, but the whales controlling the voting is a big minus, I agree. EOS has a good team, so hopefully they’ll figure out how to deal with the whole situation.

    • Some really good suggestions Jimmy. Not sure if it will ever come to pass, but I like the idea of adding in an inflationary mechanism into the voting scheme. EOS is quite new and a lot can change as they grow and adapt. I think that in the future though, most users of blockchains will not vote (just as around the world many people who have the right choose to stay home on voting day). It will be interesting to see how the various sidechains that have restructured their voting systems will fair over time. As you point out, there are many issues on this aspect. I think in time they will get resolved as there are a lot of great projects with proven teams working within the EOS ecosystem – and hopefully together and with more community support they can improve the governance of the policies within the ecosystem showing signs of weakness. All things considered, I think you have brought up some valid points and although I may not agree with all your suggestions, good job for putting your thoughts for progressive change out there mate 😉

    • hit so many points on the head. since alot was about vote buying i will dicuss that. your right it is bad for eos and its hard to stop. i think straight up buying with eos is not only stupid it will destroy eos and people need to realise they will only get max 1 pecent for a year its not worth it.
      2. vote buying by promising an airdrop to a working dapp, i dont see the problem with that they have actually done something.
      the community just needs good education no the fact they they will perobably get like 0.5% more eos a year if every bp is on board.

    • Some interesting ideas @s002858. I’m particularly interested in how they will address voter rewards. I consciously monitor my vote decay and refresh accordingly every so often and some kind of acknowledgement of that by the network would be nice.

  • Dapps of EOS – Emanate

    One of the developing Dapps on EOS which I am waiting for is Emanate. Emanate is the next generation P2P platform for all the stake holders of songs and music including music lovers, existing industry and creators, etc. It…

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  • Blockchain 3.0

    Block chain technology is one of the main driving force of IT development nowadays. From Bitcoin to Ethereum, now we have started entering the world of so called Blockchain 3.0. Different projects including EOS, Telos, Cardano, Tron and Neo,…

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  • 中秋節のお祭り


    Hey guys, how are you? Yesterday is Mid Autumn Festival in Hong Kong. We went for the dinner gathering event together and went to see Fire Dragon Dance together. Today is a the holiday and most of us will…

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  • Photography Event in TST, 2018 (con’t)


     Hey guys, how are you? Today is a sunny day in Hong Kong. Some area of Hong Kong are still not yet recovered from the damages caused by the typhoon last week. God bless them and hope Government can…

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