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  • jackmiller wrote a new post 3 months ago

    STEEM – @Witnesspage – Update (by @jackmiller)

    During the past months @witnesspage has been readily relaying all the witness related posts from all our active witnesses.

    Namely, all the posts that all our Steem Witnesses post with one of the following tags:




    Occasionally a post that is not…

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  • KYC For Steemians? HOW?

    Remember the airdrop that went on with Byteball (Gbytes)?

    Well if you don’t remember it, then you may not have taken advantage of this opportunity to get “free crypto” and not just any crypto, you get Gbytes which at the…

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  • Practicing What One Preaches! Steem + Trybe.one

    OK, so as a Steemian and just as importantly as a Witness on the Steem Blockchain, I have been following what is going on here on Trybe.one.
    To be quite frank, without making an entire show of it all I…

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    • Thanks for joining us Jack and I totally agree with you. Just because I have a Twitter account doesn’t mean that I don’t also have a Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. etc. etc. account as well… And just because I use Telegram doesn’t mean I don’t also use Whatsapp and a host of other messaging platforms… Each platform is slightly different and each has its uses 🙂

    • Welcome post @jackmiller. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Though I’ve been focused on Trybe for the last few months – I see no reason why Steem wouldn’t be a platform I would also use and hopefully add value to / benefit from.

    • Glad to read have you @jackmiller! Thank you for sharing support.

    • Hi @jackmiller, thanks for an interesting discussion, i’ve come from steemit to trybe, just to try it out a bit and make some additional tokens, and i do like both platfroms. Yet over a short while i experienced, that discussions, interactions and not to mention rewards are better here on trybe than on steem (the community has deterioated significantly the last few months), the reason might be my personal EOS bubble, but looking at the general interest parts, they seem quit lively already too!

    • Thanks for the article, you have valid points. Welcome to the Trybe

    • Steemit and Trybe are very different and I do both. I’m glad you think they are not competitors. The presence of both will make both platforms better as they learn from each other. The fact that Trybe will go on EOS is a good thing as it will provide a little differentiation and ensure that if anything goes bad in crypto there will be a higher chance of something surviving. The active curating on Trybe is an interesting development – positive in many respects although I personally have had a few issues with editors being naughty. I think these minor issues will be ironed out though.

      Likewise I think that although Steemit has some issues – such as the inability of Witnesses (sorry bud) to realize that Steemit needs to be treated as a separate project to Steem – Steemit will sort itself out.

    • Good to see you here Jack – I really appreciate your work as a STEEM witness.

    • @jackmiller! Like you, I believe there is more than enough room for both Trybe and Steemit in the crypto space at this time. Unfortunately there are folks who still subscribe to the outdated “competition mindset”, not realizing that in the era of the blockchain and social networks, collaboration is a far superior proposition.

    • Competition is always a good thing.

  • Sharing Different Views On Different Social Sites!

    Just put a nice little PROMO POST on my Steemit Wall:


    Check it out!

    Went ahead to add any angle that many may not have considered:


    Well, with all the different social sites out there, each being unique in their own ways,…

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