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  • Gambling Mania Over, REX is a Code and Mass Adoption Still on Hold.

    First of all, EOS is an experiment which has been live for 8 months. In this short period of time we have seen something very important happen – namely the first adoption (not mass) of Dapps (decentralised applications). We…

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    • ‘Perhaps he lives a place with really long corners.’ πŸ˜‰
      Fine roundup @eosmastering. Looking forward to picking up the pieces of a gambling dApp or two (only stake two atm).

    • Yeah I totally agree with your analysis of the gambling dapps. I feel that the initial hype of them has died down and due to so many appeared many will fall back into obscurity.

      I think a large reason for the decline is people FOMO’d in as dividends were high at present and people wanted to make a quick short term gain.

      If you were using the gambling apps just to hold there own tokens I think u may get burnt if you are not careful, but a few will defo survive as there will always be people that actually enjoy the gambling.

      For real success Texas Hold Em PvP poker needs to be introduced, but I understand there are barriers to writing and implementing this on EOS atm.

    • Rated, cheers. Don’t you feel there are too mand gambling Dapps? As you said, I doubt all of them are going to survive.

    • Obviously the gambling apps are only operating in a closed system of those with EOS accounts. But how much of the gambling market has been exposed to this superior and trustless system, with very low house edge? When we make it easy for new people to onboard to EOS or some app makes it worth the account creation hassel, the gambling apps will get more exposure. Hard to imagine what the ceiling is after that.

      • Thanks for the comment! I agree..there is no exposure (no adoption) to speak of. A few thousand people in the entire world knows about gambling dapps. I do however think that some of these gambling dapps have done some wrongs, with their mining models etc..but those who are sustainable could be valued highly in the future. The online gambling market is a 50B market and Stars (pokerstars) is a 6,5B company. The entire crypto gambling market is around 100M total. 0,2% market share. So a 10x could be seen easily if EOS onboarding is made easier as you say.

      • I too agree with your analysis, cause as you say, currently, the users are from within the existing eos accounts. Once users can be onboarded, I’m sure gambling dapps will be again some of the first movers in this. They know they have an intrinsic value normal casinos cant offer, and they are certainly going to try and onboard these new users once its technically possible.

    • Very good observations @eosmastering especially regarding ponzi schemes. One question re Gambling dapps: where is the falling knive? If you buy up gambling dapps tokens? Or if you gamble on EOS, the latter seems intact to me?
      I can’t assess online gambling, but if we look at gaming, things are getting interesting, eos knights is a nice little game, and you may not trust dappradar, but i trust my perception, and that is that item prices have been at least stable for the last month, so there is clearly a growing number of players, and then the big pieces aren’t out at all, prospectors is already a totally different caliber, and then we havent seen anything from mythical games. Yes we haven’t seen mass adoption, but adoption is going well and eos now provides a user experience which is acceptable for current web app standards.

      • Hi! I was thinking about gambling dapps tbh. I don’t think EOS can go much lower…BP cost of surviving is around $5 and Blockchain has a warchest of 4B..Mcap is 2,5B….And you are right about gaming. Gaming is much much bigger than gambling. I suppose you have seen prospectors.io right?

    • Great post @eosmastering, i always appreciate your analytical way of looking at things, I agree on mass adoption not happening yet too, but it will eventually, we need to get rid of the so-called banking scamsters/gangsters that control society.
      Mark (Zeus69)

    • Very interesting stuff and nice analyze of the current situation!

    • Great article EOSmastering πŸ™‚

    • “Perhaps he lives a place with really long corners” made me lol :). i agree that gambling dapps arnt poniz schemes but i still dont like them because to many people have no idea that you cant win with the odds are against you no matter what “system” they use. chintia 2 sounds awesome. eos probably wont have mass adoption for years but i think this year high quality dapps will flood in and eos will have 1 million plus active uses.

  • What Will 2019 Bring?

    Merry Christmas everyone. I haven’t been writing for a while, and to be honest I have tried not to think too much about crypto or financials in general for a while. Although impossible, it is important to force yourself…

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  • EOSmastering wrote a new post 3 months ago

    Several Gambling Dapps Hacked – Here Is What Happened

    Literally a minute after I posted my fourth week of dividends, Betdice, MAX and TOB got hacked by the same person. Many people speculated in flaws in the contracts on the gambling dapp side of things, but as it…

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  • Best Performing Gambling Dividends/ROI Week 4

    Hello! I have not had the time to write for a week. I have been itching, but with so much going on right now it has not been possible. Lot’s of things going in EOS. I have been beta…

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    • Thanks for the great review! FISH has been great for dividends but we are at a point where the mining for FISH is not cheaper than buying on an exchange. So we are starting to see “real” players. The dividends will drop but still one of the highest ROIs.

    • thank you for this overview!

    • Hm, hm, still exciting this whole gambling and dividens things πŸ™‚
      And monthly 60% roi seems impossible, but here we are. It works πŸ™‚

    • Nice analysis. What is it that I am hearing about BetDice getting hacked? Can you post a update on that?

      • Hi. Yeah, it was not the contracts getting hacked. Both Betdice, MAX and TOB was hacked by the same account. This is the official statement:

        “The attacker discovered a way to exploit EOS nodes. The transactions not in an irreversible block could be exploited due to time needed to sync between the API node and BP node. They used this exploit to place bets, but only asserted the transactions in their favor. In short, they would only submit the transaction to the BP node if it was a winning transaction. This attack was not due to a vulnerability on the contract level. ”

        This is all sorted out with a quick fix. So it cannot happen again.

    • @eosmastering you have opened a new perspective to me…Till now, I have never seen the gambling tokens as a tool of investment.
      Thank you!

    • Another great update on the gambling dApp scene, I look forward to the week 5 and 6 report.

      I seem to have noticed in my own use of these that the dividends seem to have declined these past few days.

      Keep up the great work!

    • Great stuff my friend, thanks for sharing @eosmastering.
      Mark (Zeus69)

  • Best Performing Gambling Dividends/ROI (Spreadsheet) Week 3

    Allright, three weeks into collecting gambling dapp dividends records. First of all – the space is still alive and kicking. And it seems like the first phase, where all these casinos were popping up every day, is coming to…

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    • I must point out that your labeling for MEV (https://rovegas.com/) is incorrect – as it’s currently in the 4th week of dividends (due to be paid out M0nday morning my time in Europe).

      And just so you are aware, the 1st 3 weeks of return have been 50 EOS per 10k, 75 EOS per 10k and, yes, as you indicated in your spreadsheet, 20 EOS per 10k. Luckily I bought in early and managed to get the majority of my stack between 0.005 and 0.007 EOS per 10k MEV (which equates to between 50 EOS and 70 EOS per 10k) or an inital “investment” of 3,000 EOS.

      With dividend payments of around 2,500, 3,750 and 1,000 EOS for each of the last 3 weeks and currently on course for another 1,000+ EOS payment for this week, it really has been the best dapp investment I have made. With the team looking to develop things further and the current MEV price of around 0.0145 which has added capital appreciation too I really think it just blows the rest out of the water.

      I think you might want to give them an in depth look and check them out as they really are a giant under the radar – as witnessed by you not really mentioning them. And I do say all this as a holder of DICE, POKER and FAST too. I guess the bottom line is: which is the one I check out first thing in the morning over a mug of coffee – yep, you guessed it, MEV!

      • Hi! I know that MEV is in it’s fourth week. These ROI’s are based purely on my own investment in them. I did not hold MEV before last week, so naturally I started my tracking last week..Again.these stats are just me tracking my coins. It’s not something you should use if you want 100% correct measuring.

    • Very interesting @eosmastering. I stake just 2 BetDice and City and I’m pretty happy with both atm though it’s BetDice I see worth holding over the next few years (nice EOS generator). I probably should look at MEV…

    • Thanks for the overview!
      Yeah this fishing game has really caused some trouble .. ^^ Also thought this would be over before it even really started. But guess what, they are back! I actually didn’t look into all details so far, but I guess they at least managed to get out of the situation with a very good (& stylish) solution πŸ™‚
      Gonna finish my article about my experience with all of this probably tomorrow…

    • Damn, im so like the passive income πŸ˜€
      I had a plan: im wait for your experience, review, over a month, and than i can see, it works or not, or it worth or not, four week is enough.
      If doesnt happen nothing big sh*t, i think, after three weeks, im sure, this is definitely works. With the common crypto-chance, of course, what is the normal 100% lost πŸ˜€ But this is the game, what we like, right? πŸ™‚

    • Excellent! Just the kind of information I’m after, thanks.

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