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  • B-S wrote a new post 5 months, 1 week ago

    DECENTRALIZED 2018 – Hosted by the University of Nicosia

    An event is just around the corner. Decentralized 2018, a blockchain conference in Athens, will start in a few days. This is already the second time that Decentralized invites visitors.

    After the huge success of Decentralized 2017, the University of…

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  • B-S wrote a new post 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Digital oblivion in the age of the Internet of Blockchains

    The Blockchain technology, made famous by the pioneer of crypto currencies – the Bitcoin, has meanwhile found its way into the minds of the public.
    Blockchain is a term that more or less conveys the promise of an improved and…

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    • This is a complex debate and I don’t have an answer for this problem.

      • What is your general position on the question of whether people should have the right to determine their personal data? Do you think digital oblivion in general is positive or rather superfluous?

        • The immutability is the strength of blockchain that gives it high robustness. All the previous data will sit in blockchain forever and can be seen by anyone. Negligence isn’t tolerated on blockchain.

    • Very complicated discussion that demand an answer from experts but I just learned a lesson to be more mindful of what I share on the blockchain.

      • I think it can never hurt to be clear how and for how long data is stored. In general, I think there is too much carelessness in this respect.

    • Thought-provoking, well-written piece. Such a complex topic/issue. My non-technical belief is that certain areas of Blockchain (such as social media posts) will undergo revision in terms of immutability perhaps with a decay mechanic- a post leaves the archive after 10 years if that option was selected when posting or chain splitting where you have decay and immutability in a hierarchy of needs/preferences. Will it still be a blockchain? Well, I guess if there is a record of a post and then a deletion…Years of debate await.

      • Yes, the discussion must and will come. I think social media in particular should deal intensively with this topic. When it comes to AI or matters that revolve around the integrity of data, for example in production technology, there will certainly be no conflicts with digital oblivion. Financial services are also limited.

        What interests me most is what the individual user thinks. There are also some people who are explicitly against digital oblivion.

    • An excellent well written article. Blockchain technology will revolutionise the technology landscape with Web3.0. Part of Article 17 set out by the EU is to break up the monopoly and ownership of data by the top technology company holding and abusing individuals data. The Blockchain has 2 fold, anonymity and immutability, yes although data is hash into the Blockchain it re

    • A very well written article and raise some very good points on the conflicts between government regulation and Blockchain technology. The BIG internet companies have monopolised our personal data for so long and Article 17 sets out to free us. With Blockchain although it is hash and immutable on the Blockchain, you as a user remain anonymous.

    • Never thought about that, but you are totally right. It’s really a weird problem with DSVGO requirements and the transparency of blockchain transactions.
      Also some good questions you are raising, I guess I’ll have to think about them a little bit!

    • Well, your article directly addresses “PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY”, unfortunately, society and governments have been dumbing people down and teaching them it GOOD to have a NANNY STATE to run to when you don’t want to have to take care of yourself. Of course for “self interest” and a guaranteed growth and acceptance, Governments LOVE the People to have this mindset of “lack of personal responsibility”.

      Its true, what is on the blockchain is there forever (unless the “smart-contract” deletes it at some point – achievable as you said by choosing 1yr or 10yr or whatever laid out format). This makes “growing up” a necessity for people, people have to learn to:

      1. Take Responsibility for their Situations and Actions
      2. Not be a SLAVE to their personal desires and reactions

      If these 2 important “non-physical” (spiritual) principles were focused on during childhood development, then the issue you have brought up (very relevant today) would become a non-issue, as the people would take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and monitor their own actions and statements.

      For me, this is one of the beauties of BLOCKCHAIN,,, it is going to MOTIVATE (even if from harm do to lack of personal responsibility) people to advance spiritually by not making hasty statements in response to their “hot-issues” (overcome personal slavery) and to be careful and responsible in ALL personal matters (don’t loose your Private Keys).

      I see this as a FORCE for POSITIVE change of the Culture!

      • Hey @i-am

        Yes, interesting, if your comment suggests that a technology practically educates people. Not only in terms of showing you new boundaries, but fundamentally.

        I can’t judge to what extent this is changing at the moment. I can’t say that I think people are becoming more reasonable, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying the opposite.

        Finally, I am talking about the simplest form of personal responsibility. The pretended mask of responsibility, the appearance of independence, is treated on a completely different page.

        Wonderful to always read your interesting comments!

    • Very interesting. I don’t like the idea of deleting anything. As pointed out, this would defeat the main strength of blockchain…almost making it something else all together. Still, I can see the benefits of having the option to delete. There doesn’t seem to be an easy answer.

    • Blockchain is the second generation of the internet, I think, this is a good step for storing various types of digital material. Of course, its footsteps will stay forever. Nice article friends! 5R

    • This is a not only a challenge for blockchain programmers but also for the law-makers to maintain or uphold this law. Yo make a good point there. I personally think this Article 17 is a good thing. But who will be responsible for deleting your data from the blockchain if you desire that? It will be difficult, if not nearly impossible to accomplish.

  • B-S wrote a new post 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    A decade back – the crypto market was born

    A decade back in time we were at the birth of the modern crypto market.
    The 31.10.2008 was the day when the probably most modern Phantom Satoshi Nakamoto with his abstract – Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System – came…

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  • B-S wrote a new post 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    Cryptopia – Bitcoin, Blockchain; The Future of the Internet

    Here’s what should get you excited: Our first film was released more than 3 years ago. Since then, the price of Bitcoin has increased by a factor of 30. And the interest in the topic as well as the…

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  • B-S wrote a new post 6 months ago

    Clinton as press spokesman for Ripple – The White House and XRP

    Last week was interesting for the crypto currency XRP. The launch of xRapid and the onboarding of payment companies are driving the Ripple roadmap forward bit by bit.
    Ripple is also in the media and in the mouths of prominent…

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