• Since December 17, the price of Bitcoin in a four-day period rose from $ 3.181 to $ 4.703, up 28 percent on most main fiat-crypto exchanges. Will the Bitcoin, which is beginning to show stability at these levels, be…

    • That last paragraph is the most important in the article. I do feel that people are not correlating the fact that the change in the tax status preceded the bear run, but it has persisted until major corporations have thrown their hat in the ring. I read everyday how this corporation or that is developing the own currency. Today it was comcast. This seems to be a theme and may be a move to crush independent crypto. It bears some investigation.

      Thanks for sharing. Hope to see more in the future.

    • @baha22 It looks like $3,000 might be the final support for BTC; anyways, that’s still not totally clear…

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