You can usually get some new insight out of data when it is visualized in different ways. This can be applied to both traditional market (stocks and shares) and cryptocurrency market data. Here are some websites (some more useful than others) that I’ve come across that cater to both markets. Hopefully they will supply you with some better information with which to make a decision, if not just something interesting to look at.

FinViz & Coin360

Treemapping has become quite popular as of late as they combine a heat map overlay over a simple and easy to digest tree structure. FinViz is the offering that cover the traditional markets and as you’d expect you can drill into the various sectors such as technology and further into the companies themselves. Coin360 does almost exactly the same as FinViz but with cryptocurrency and groups them by hashing algorithm / consensus mechanism.


Coinlib has an interesting visualization where you can track the flow of fiat money and another which highlights the movement of crypto over the last 24 hours. Hovering over any of the links will show the volume for that pairing. They also have some interesting graphs that cover bitcoin dominance and total volume.

Map of coins

Map of coins lets you visually explore the history of cryptocurrencies and their lineage. Here you can track all the bitcoin forks for instance and see how they have evolved, it is particularly useful because of the fact you can slice by time and understand when particular crypto we born and in a lot of cases, died. One thing to note is that it seems it only has data up until December 2017 – hopefully it gets updated soon.


Bitnodes is a website that is supported by Earn (check them out if you haven’t already) . It is a visualizer for the bitcoin network and the nodes that are currently keeping consensus. They have a live map that is updated in real-time and also a 3D network map where you can interrogate the nodes for further information.

Daily Blockchain

Daily Blockchain a simple GitHub project that shows a visualization of unconfirmed bitcoin transactions. Could be quite a sight to have a look here when the network is under some load and see the backlog of transactions.


Bitbonkers is a fun visualization letting you see all the transactions that are taking place / being collated inside the current block represented by spheres of different sizes and colours depending on the amount in the transaction.


BitListen is another light-hearted conceptualization whereby all the transactions on the bitcoin network, depending on size are represented by a particular pitch. The result is you end up with some interesting pieces of music.

The Tangle

The Tangle is what the directed acyclic graph (DAG) – the mechanism that powers the cryptocurrency IOTA – is called. This website shows all the current tips, transactions and their current state (confirmed or not).


Bloxy is a resource that focuses on the Ethereum network and has a range of analytical reports, one that particularly caught my interest was their breakdown of ICO’s on the network and how the trend has changed significantly as of late. Another interesting analysis is how ICO’s spent their ETH, more specifically the movement of those funds and how often, this includes stats about EOS.

Bicoin Visuals

Bitcoin Visuals is very simply put together with graphs, but has some insightful information such as Difficulty, Hash Rate, Future Supply and has details related to the Lightning Network.


Bitcoinity is currently in beta and focuses on the bitcoin network. As well as showing health and network statistics, it also details market data that is easy to digest. For example a combined order book which includes a variety of exchanges, an arbitrage table for bitcoin and even price volatility across exchanges.  Quite useful if you are an active trader.

Let us know in the comments if you have any resources you currently use to help you trade or just understand the world of crypto better.

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