What is the story behind Lympo? How did it start? 

The story began in Autumn 2016. Antanas Guoga, our advisor, was suffering from a herniated disk in his back. He got well again with the help of a great physiotherapist – Laurynas Gumbys – and after many hours spent together strenghtening Antanas‘ muscles, they came up with an idea to help as many people as possible to live healthier lives by making it easier to connect with various health and fitness specialists. This is how Lympo.lt – a coach network was founded. This platform is successfully working in Lithuania for quite some time now and it enables people to connect with more than 500 health specialists.The idea to transform all of this into something with an even greater impact came after realizing that there’s endless potential in blockchain technology and the tech sector in general. Right now is the best time to disrupt the health and fitness industry with something radical by rewarding people with tokens that real hold value just for completing fitness challenges on our newly launched app.

Why the name “Lympo”?

The name Lympo actually came from Mount Olympus, a place where the Olympic Games started in Ancient Greece. We want to be the best in what we do just as any athlete in the Olympic Games and, most importantly, to lead in promoting sports!

What is the Lympo project aiming to achieve?

Lympo connects fitness and wellbeing ecosystem stakeholders (personal trainers, gyms, sports events, brands) with users via a blockchain based rewards system, linked to users’ health and fitness data. Our goal is to create value for everyone involved: instead of choosing regular and outdated marketing methods, companies will receive access to an engaged audience of people, passionate about healthy living and the users – rewards for completing fitness challenges and living better, more active lives. It’s a win-win situation for each stakeholder.

I’d like to talk about the Lympo app(s) as well. I know that now there’s a Beta version, but can it be used? 

The early (beta) version of our app is called Lympo Run and currently it is only functional in Lithuania.( It was at the time of the interview. Now it’s also available in U.S. and Korea). The app offers walking and running challenges. After a user completes a particular challenge, he is rewarded with LYM crypto tokens, which can be spent right inside the app to purchase sports goods, such as new sneakers or a sports T-Shirt. This is already working and hundreds of new users are joining each day and completing new challenges and it‘s amazing to see that people are actually fascinated by this idea and are actively participating in the ecosystem.

Where do you see Lympo in 5 years?

We would love to reach as many markets as possible and to help millions people around the world to live healthier lives. Our model is truly unique and the huge amount of attention that we are receiving with our ideas and the app only proves that this is something that people can easily understand and relate to, which makes our dedication even stronger.

Interesting facts: 

*Antanas Guoga aka Tony G. , is a world-class famous poker player and a member of the European Parliament. 

*Lympo have established a long term partnership with Dallas Mavericks. 

*Caroline Wozniacki( yes, the tennis player) is one of the Lympo ambassadors

*This is an interview taken by me a couple of months ago. I must say that even though I don’t own any tokens at the moment, Lympo is one of my top 3 crypto-currency projects.


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