This platform is not too old but i have been with Litecoin since at least 2013 and i love this crypto. Even few years ago i did an interview with one of their Foundation important users on my blog which you can read here. Sadly he is nowhere to be seen now but that is how is life. Maybe TheMage comes back someday – i sure hope so.

Yes it was the first interview ever on my blog as i was normally just going for my predictions of what can rise or fall.  And just lately i came back to doing new interviews on the site and already hit some big names.

But anyways – back to the Litecoin case and their marketing on UFC.

Litecoin as one of the oldest altcoins after Bitcoin is doing was promo lately and they have decided to go into sports and UFC.  It is popular and can do some media news. And it did!

With UFC events like this receiving millions of viewers, having the Litecoin logo displayed on the Octagon’s canvas gives LTC global awareness that can spark interest and drive engagement with people from all walks of life who may have never heard of Litecoin or cryptocurrency before.
UFC 232 the Litecoin logo was visible in Octagon during Jones Vs Gustaffson match. They are light heavyweight fighters. It was the first crypto promoted during UFC event so far.

As predicted by bets on all sites – Jones won the fight.

You can see some hits of the fight below.

The spoken fight starts at 2:16 since it looks like can`t link to that special moment myself.

You can see Litecoin logo there and it looks fresh!

The fight was good but what is more important – crypto was promoted USA-wide this way. I doubt many people looked on logo itself during the match but all medias who wrote about the sponsorship gave some traction.

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  1. Luke Phoenix

    This is fantastic news! Crypto needs more exposure like this to start bringing into people’s curiosity and discussions. Average people around me aren’t ready for it yet or interested to learn. Wonder will happen though as we increase the fun use cases. Native developments like Trybe music and outside development taking place in the other EOS dapps are all leading toward epic game change in conversation compatibility. I can ramble for a hot second about crypto and what is to come, but it falls into a category of selfish talking topics most of the time because recipients aren’t usually asking questions. Only every once in awhile do I run into someone who asks me several q’s about crypto.

  2. el-cr

    I agree with you, this level of marketing is huge! I am happy for this as well. I was more impress by listening to Bruce Buffer mentioned LITECOIN than all the fights themselves lol.

    Nice article. I am glad that Amanda kicked ass!