Remember the airdrop that went on with Byteball (Gbytes)?

Well if you don’t remember it, then you may not have taken advantage of this opportunity to get “free crypto” and not just any crypto, you get Gbytes which at the moment are about $30 each! (give or take)

For those of you who haven’t yet taken advantage of this opportunity you can find the referral link at the bottom of this post, as it is only via the referral link that you can get the airdrop!

Enough about that, what I want to address today is the KYC option!


Basically most of the exchanges out there nowadays insist upon KYC verification.

A legitimate ID and a selfie are usually all it takes to take care of it.

Some of the crypto projects out there are already incorporating KYC.


Well, there are multiple reasons, but one of the most logical reasons is that the world of crypto is finally being accepted by governments of this world and the laws that regulate crypto are actually beginning to be voted in.

The other logical reason is to prevent abuse by users, no multiple accounts and circle-jerking etc etc etc

Whatever the reasons may be, it is happening and no matter what any of us think about it, it is reality!

So, how can we Steemians at this moment in time get KYC certification as Steemians and not have to go about changing the entire Steem code?

Some may say that it is NOT POSSIBLE!




Get your user account attested on Byteball.

Then get the KYC process completed on there.

and there you have it.

Your Steem username is attested, your KYC is attested and need I say anymore?

Of course this isn’t on the Steem blockchain, but in my next post I will be addressing that, because I literally can’t fit it all into one post.

So here I am addressing the fact that WE CAN ATTEST AND KYC OUR STEEM USERNAMES!

I know that many are skeptic about any verification of identity for anything, that is fine, it is your choice, there is no reason to do it if you feel that strongly about it.

But it would be nice to see as a reference in any persons “Resume” or list of information that may affect us in making some very important decisions such as “Who to vote for” for example.

Some people like to see that information, it means something to many people out there, to know about the people who are managing their funds and investments.

i.e. as soon as I finished my KYC I was given the following message:

” Now your real name is attested, see the attestation unit:

So it’s listed on the blockchain, confirmed and sealed, I would say ‘Til death do us part’ but it’s on there for ever, no messing around, that is the beauty of blockchain!

So now you may be wondering HOW TO GO ABOUT IT?

Well, all you need is one of the following documents:


Drivers License

or a National ID Card


You will need to take a “selfie”, so put your makeup on and do your hair!

Get this ready prior to doing it, as you will have a 30 minute time limit in which to take the photos once you get the ball rolling.

The attestation fee is $8 worth of Gbyte, but you will get the $8 back + $12 of crypto.

or someone can send you a referral link for the $8, which gets deducted from that persons wallet and you can go about doing the attestation for free.

However, if you use up the referral and do not do the attestation or you take dodgy photo’s where the photos are not crystal clear and the writing in the ID is not legible, too bad so sad, you just knocked $8 out of someones pocket!

Why would anyone sponsor you with $8 worth of crypto?

Well, basically, they too get their $8 of Gbyte back and another $12 of Gbyte in a smart contract.

The smart contracts are set to release the funds in 12 months.

Simple enough. A nice little financial incentive for both parties.

PS. If you know me and you are wanting to do the KYC and get the free Gbytes, feel free to contact me, you know where to find me. I’ll be sincerely grateful for the fact that you shared the love with me and made it possible for a fellow Steemian to earn some free crypto too!

Some notes from my experience:

a) Do the photos on your mobile phone.

I did it the first time on my laptop and it didn’t work, had to pay an extra $8 of Gbytes for my second attempt. Yep it cost me $16 in total.

Well, not really, it cost me $8 less 30% BECAUSE I AM AN ATTESTED STEEMIAN!

😉 😉 nudge, nudge!!!!!

The second time, I simply copy/pasted the link from the bot (in my Gbyte wallet) to my mobile phone and did the photographs with my mobile and it all worked like a charm.

So learn from my experiences, don’t bugger it up by thinking that your computer is a supercomputer, not worth the time or stress.

Secondly, make sure that you choose the right country that your documents are from.

In the top right hand corner of the KYC (photography portion of the process) you have to choose your country. That means the country from where the document is from, not where you are physically located!

Make sure to follow the steps as dictated in your Gbyte wallet and you won’t go wrong.

I don’t think that there is much more that I can add to this post, except to announce a post in the coming days that should get the pot stirred up!


For those Steemians out there who haven’t yet done the airdrop, here is my referral link:



Yours truly


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  1. Cornel

    I like the fact that the ByteBall project decided to take advantage of, as they say, the Steemit community — which is the biggest community in Crypto out there.

    This should certainly bring a lot of value for both: Steem and ByteBall.