The most secure cryptocurrency tracker and portfolio management app, now available for iOS.

LUKRUM provides valuable insights on the most profitable strategies with a secure application for investors and traders to keep track of their investment performance. An analytical tracker tool for both beginners and advanced traders, Lukrum’s cryptocurrency portfolio app is designed to make investment management simple.

The LUKRUM app streamlines Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) assets tracking and portfolio management through an intuitive, user-centric interface that pairs simplicity with versatility. Throughout its development, LUKRUM has engaged its users and identified their needs in order to deliver the most comprehensive product available.

For this reason, the LUKRUM app includes an extensive list of user-friendly features, such as auto-sync with exchange accounts & blockchain wallets, access to real-time prices, the latest market charts, and advanced portfolio analytics based on market benchmarks.

LUKRUM helps to identify profitable strategies with a custom portfolio simulator where DLT assets tracking is no longer limited to current assets. Instead, users can add potential investments into the custom portfolio feature and test out new prospects from over 2,000 altcoins. In addition, the app’s analytics suite lets users gauge their performance over time, against a benchmark index, or any number of other key, cross-portfolio insights, such as assets locations, highs & lows, depth charts, holdings, profits/losses, fee breakdowns, most used exchanges, and more.

LUKRUM makes managing your DLT assets assets simple!

LUKRUM is available for free worldwide on the Apple App Store.

Team is planning to release a new features which are focusing on the advanced analytics in 2019 Q1 & Android version 2019 Q2.

Visit for more information on the LUKRUM app.

LUKRUM was developed by Kepler Technologies GmbH, a software product company founded in 2017.

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