The EOS mainnet officially launched on 06/14/2018. After a somewhat rocky start, it has quickly recovered to become the world’s most used blockchain in 6 short months.

Despite the progress however, many problems still persist. While it’s free for users, it remains very expensive for developers. It also provides very little secure frameworks for developers to work off of, resulting in numerous hacks and exploits of various EOS dapps.

The EOS.IO philosophy is, in stark contrast to it’s main competitor Ethereum, to prioritize user-experience above developer-experience. While this has many advantages, there are some hefty trade-offs as well that we’ve seen over the last 6 months or so.

So how do we solve this problem? How do we create a protocol that has all the user-friendliness of EOS along with the crucial developer support of Ethereum? Is it possible to get the best of both worlds? The answer is yes. Enter the Nebula Protocol.

The Nebula Protocol will be a second layer protocol built on top of EOS. Much like what LOOM is on Ethereum. It will provide many unique features to enhance developer experience. These features include:

Multi-wallet integration

One major inconvenience EOS developers face today is having to code not only for the dapp itself. But to code it to interact with various different EOS wallets as well. This is a major hurdle, and a major inefficiency as many developers come from non-blockchain based backgrounds and would rather simply focus on developing the dapp itself. As a result, they have to spend countless hours figuring out how to integrate the dapp with various EOS wallets. Nebula solves this problem by partnering with all the most popular EOS wallets, creating layer on top of the protocol for seemless integration. By removing this friction, developers will now be able to focus all their attention on delivering the best killer dapp they can possibly make. Users will also benefit as they will be able to access any dapp with whichever wallet they prefer.

Audited, secure, smart-contracts

Despite the wild success of gambling dapps such as EOSBet Dice and My EOS Vegas. Both have been the victim of nasty hacks caused by smart-contract vulnerabilities. EOSBet Dice lost over 44,000 EOS in one incident. All of this could have been prevented on Nebula. The Nebula team consists of many highly-experienced C++ developers with extensive experience in developing on EOS specifically. They will provide complete audited and tested smart-contracts, ensuring the utmost safety and protection for the community.

Developer tools

Nebula Protocol will create the developer tools necessary for the auditing, testing, and deployment of smart contracts.

With the blazing fast speed and scalability EOS, combined with the professional, developer-friendly tools of Ethereum. Nebula looks to create a fully-functional protocol that is cheap, secure, user-friendly, & professional. To learn more about the Nebula Protocol check out our website here:


And join our telegram group chat here:


To the Nebula clouds and beyond!

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  1. Tony Lee

    hey thanks for the update, NAS had a sweet niche product but was on the wrong Blockchain. Hoping the ERC20 to EOS Mainnet will help them, so many project is flipping to EOS. Will definitely check out their developer tools.