I am losing my love of Steemit. I have been highly invested in it for about 18 months now, and while I’m no whale, as @drwom I have posted an original post once a day for most of that time and I have been well served by Dan’s second blockchain. I have 2151 followers and am grateful to them all – or at least those who are still active.

The problem with Steemit, it seems to me, is one of governance. And its one a problem I think Dan observed before he decided to create EOS and perhaps STEEM2 on top of it.

Because many of the whales in charge of Steemit (called witnesses) seem to be happy with the platform’s decline, or at least have been very slow with any moves to address it (for example, see https://steemit.com/gathering/@ned/follow-me).

And usage has been declining. I can see it in my feed. But it’s also there for all to see in the blockchain itself. Just compare this week’s activity (https://steemit.com/steemit/@penguinpablo/steem-stats-report-october-26-2018-steem-re-enabled-on-binance-and-poloniex#@drwom/re-penguinpablo-steem-stats-report-october-26-2018-steem-re-enabled-on-binance-and-poloniex-20181026t080412564z) with that of last year (https://steemit.com/steem/@penguinpablo/daily-steem-stats-report-thursday-october-26-2017).

Part of the decline is obviously related to STEEM’s price, with people unwilling to put in the work for the rewards on offer. But I believe it is the lack of communication from the witnesses which have started the decline, driven its momentum, and opened the door for significantly lower STEEM prices.

So what to do? Jump ship onto one of the STEEM clone-chains?

No. I don’t think so.

It’s time for something new, and what I have read about Trybe has been impressive. And Trybe is on the EOS blockchain. EOS rocks, and already it is – to me – so much better than Stemit if only because of the friendly and open discussions around governance (but actually, not only for that). So I am jumping in.

I look forward to engaging with the Trybe!

*photo courtesy of pixabay.com*

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  1. Cryptoslice

    i like steemit but its clear they have a huge whale problem, the self upvote is stupid and general lack of advertising doesn’t help also they should have a referral program to get new users on board.maybe the lower price will help even the token distribution out. welcome to trybe btw 🙂