2018 EOS Israel Recap

If 2017 was the Bitcoin year, would it be fair to call 2018 the EOS year?

Well, by looking at cryptocurrency prices and market cap, you could definitely call it a “Bearish Year” for Crypto in General… But the Technology side of the blockchain space certainly sings to a different tune, especially within the EOS Community.

I will go about this post in a freestyle way, first talking about what happened for me and for EOS Israel as a community, then to talk a bit about my personal thoughts on where all this is going, thank a LOT of people along the way, and end with some warm wishes for 2019, hoping that this resonates not only with people within the EOS or Crypto community but with People in general 🙂

We all know what happened to the price of bitcoin, and if not, you are probably living under a rock. This means that at the same time that price crashed in 2018, after the Bull-run in 2017, there is a LOT of attention into Bitcoin and Crypto, which can only be a positive thing in the long run.

However, the EOS Community is going through a different life-cycle, regardless of EOS / USD price. From its birth to the Mainnet launch and through some very exciting Projects being released, the excitement and positivity within the EOS global community is something that inspires me to keep building and growing within this space. I’m sure I’m not the only one who shares this feeling.

First of all, I am so thankful that I found the courage to follow my spontaneous gut feeling of starting this community from scratch. I’ve been wanting to get involved in crypto for almost 2 – 3 years in a way that was much more value-adding than buying and selling crypto. I kept thinking of a project I could build on the Blockchain, but once I understood EOS, I wanted to see this ecosystem prosper and grow, and that is how EOS Israel was born.

Here are a few events that for EOS Israel mark the most exciting year in Crypto:

EOS ISRAEL 2018 Events:

So 6 months and 6 events since the EOS Mainnet was launched, I can say that the EOS Community is alive and growing fast. Interest is on the rise regardless of the currency’s price, and DAPPS are being developed and publish at a Rate which I only remember back when the iPhone Apps were storming the Appstore and any $0.99 Lantern App was being sold like hot bread. I think blockchain brings a much deeper and fundamental change to our society than iPhones, so I’m glad I’m making the switch 🙂 (Did I Mention I’m a very experienced iOS Developer? Oh Well, look me up @ LinkedIn)

We need to be thankful to SO many People and SO many groups, companies and communities that I’m going to miss a LOT of great people here but I’ll still try to mention most:


To ALL our event presenters and panel participants for giving us your time, your wisdom, and your presence:

  • Galia Benartzi (Bancor / LiquidEOS)
  • Eyal Hertzog (Bancor / LiquidEOS)
  • Nathan James (Scatter)
  • Thomas Cox (EOS Alliance / Block.One)
  • Ofer Rotem (Collider)
  • Adar Weinberg (Liquid EOS)
  • Aviv (101 Blockchains)
  • Michael Shlayen (Blockchain Headhunter)

To ALL of the wonderful BP’s and crew that either sponsored us, came online for the BP Spotlight, sent us some swag, or even shared our Tweets:

  • Benny Hakak (LiquidEOS)
  • Kevin Rose (EOS New York)
  • Rob Finch (CypherGlass)
  • Ben Sigman (SHEOS)
  • Syed Jafri (EOS Cafe Block)
  • Susen (Meet.One)
  • Ross (EOSphere)
  • Brian (EOS Nairobi)
  • Jessica (EOS Dublin)
  • Bohdan (CryptoLions)
  • Giuseppe (EOSImpera aka EOS Italy)

To ALL our invited DAPP Developers and Entrepreneurs who build this whole ecosystem and materialize its real potential:

  • Idan, Eliran & Elihav (Atidium)
  • Dallas (Karma)
  • Sean (Emanate)
  • Omri (Bancor-X)
  • Mahbod (Everipedia)
  • Taeyong (Medipedia)
  • Stefan & Normunds (Tixico)

And Last but certainly NOT LEAST: To my good Friends and EOS Israel Warriors who are always there,  willing to help, engaging with the community, posting, commenting, mentoring, hacking away (Yes we did a local hackathon together) or simply being available:

  • Ami Heines
  • Hezi Herzkovitch
  • Erez Livna
  • Adar Weinberg
  • Sasha Tabak

And of course, to ALL of you who attended our events, follow us on tweeter or telegram, and are reading this post right now…

I’ll finish by wishing us the BEST 2019 we can possibly have. May we enter this New Year in a Blast! Make the best choices for ourselves, advance our projects to the fullest, and meet much more during this year, both online and in person. I’m a proud member of the EOS Community and the Crypto Community as a whole, and I can tell you this: HODL! not only to your tokens but to this! The building of a new nation, the openness to discuss new and sometimes hard topics,  the power to shape this ecosystem the way we see it best because this is only the beginning, and we are the founders of this thing we call CRYPTO and all that it is now, and that it can be. Wear that with pride while entering this New Year. Oh and most Importantly: Have FUN and ENJOY this upcoming 2019!

Cheers, Hugs, and a ton of Decentralized Love.

Hernan @ EOS Israel


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