If you never heard of it or is not aware Cobinhood is a Japanese crypto exchange, which i have been testing since some time. Hell, its even on my no id or kyc needed exchanges list and i share a method to make passive money with them in my free cryptocurrency ebook.

Right now,  until Xmas and actually 2 days later they have a special Santa giveaway for all accounts. From what i understand you do not even have to deposit, just make an account (no KYC needed) and try their freebies. I would still suggest using the site, i have been trading there already.

HINT: Even if you found this post after Xmas, these guys still run many giveaways daily so its good to have an account there.

I also trade there some interesting coins that other places do not have and if you do KYC you can get extra bonuses and even do margin trading.


So what to do to get free tokens or coins ?

  • REGISTER WITH THIS LINK – you just need a username and email (and password of course!)
  • – Go to Candy Machine or Free Tokens Section
  • – Click “Try your luck now” and then click “Make a wish”
  • – Now you can get from x1 up to x100 of what you got initially. So far the most i got was x66 

Have a look at some of my tries.

Just remember one thing – ALWAYS click “Make a wish” because if you forget the chance is lost. I forgot to do it a few times.

Also, keep in mind this is not some wack exchange out of nowhere but a real company with people and their faces behind it.

COBINHOOD is the next-generation cryptocurrency service platform, our vision is to shape future economies by creating a crypto financial center for the blockchain era.
COBINHOOD is a place for dreamers and doers.
We are looking for top-notch talents worldwide, you’ll work on the bleeding edge of blockchain technology, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies; playing as a leading force in taking today’s economies into the future. Join us to work on the edge and help create more opportunity and innovation in this new era.

So get there now before XMAS end! Presents are waiting for you – CLICK HERE AND JOIN!

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