I’m sure being a member of the Trybe community, you’re aware of the benefits EOS Holders receive!

Free token airdrops, dividend payouts and staking bonuses are just the start!

Today i’m going to detail through just one project you can take advantage of to receive daily dividend payout.


EOS Poker is a decentralized gaming (or gambling) platform built on the EOS block chain. The platform and profits are owned by the community. As a player of EOS Poker, you can accumulate POKER Tokens, and as a Holder of the POKER tokens (Staked) you will receive daily dividend payouts.

Tokens Distribution

TOTAL SUPPLY = 10 million (Fixed)

20% of tokens are distributed  the development team, whilst the remaining 80% of tokens will be distributed to the community through mining (Playing the games and referring people to eospoker.win).



The amount of POKER Tokens mined through playing games are distributed using an algorithm, which if you really want to know is (EOS Wager / (8,000,000 / (Remaining POKER * 0.045)). Obviously as time goes on and more POKER Tokens are mined, the amount of POKER received for playing each game will reduce. Similar to the increase in difficulty, seen with traditional crypto mining.

The Amount of POKER Tokens mined through referrals is equal to half the number of tokens mined by the players. For example; If someone mines 10 POKER Tokens through playing the games, then an additional 5 POKER Tokens will be mined to the referrer.


How to start mining?

If you want to start mining POKER tokens yourself, you can currently head over to EOS POKER and start playing their first available game, Blackjack. More games will be available soon!

 1. Go to eospoker.win

2. Sign in with Scatter

3. Choose the Token and amount you want to bet and start receiving POKER Tokens right away.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to have Scatter Installed.

Click here to start mining POKER Tokens now


By holding and staking the POKER tokens you are entitled to daily dividends, that can be paid directly in to your EOS wallet. The benefit of EOS Poker is that, players are able to bet with 5 different tokens (EOS, POKER, DICE, TPT, and MEETONE), meaning that you not only receive payout of EOS, but of all 5 tokens, depending on what people have been betting with.

The profit from EOS poker are  distributed every day at 00:00 UTC, and sent directly to your EOS Wallet.


How to Stake your POKER Tokens and Receive Dividend Payouts?

In order for you to receive dividend payouts you will need to make sure you have staked your POKER Tokens.

1. Go over to eospoker.win 

2. Sign in with Scatter  (Make sure you link the EOS account with POKER Tokens in)

3. Click the Tab that says Dividends and a pop up will appear with three tabs (Bankroll, Staking and Stats)

4. Click Staking tab. From here you can choose the number of POKER tokens you want to stake and start receiving your daily dividends.

(You will see estimated payouts and your payouts for all tokens on the bankroll tab after tokens have been staked.)


Referring People

You can additionally earn both EOS and POKER Tokens by bringing others in the community over to EOS POKER.

You will receive half the number of POKER Tokens (on top of the the tokens) mined by the person referred, and 0.2% the total of what they win.

(Using a referral link will not affect how much you receive as a player, ALL referral rewards are paid by the team)

(If you want to play, I appreciate anyone using my link – https://eospoker.win/?ref=jmceoswallet)

This model of community ownership is something that has proven extremely lucrative to a lot of people, and we can already see a number of other gambling games appearing on the EOS Blockchain to offer similar benefits to its users and token holders (Owners), currently this is the only one I have found that pays out in 5 different tokens, but don’t quote me on that, i’m sure others will be out there, if not now then soon.

Currently Eos Poker are only offering Blackjack as a game to play, but they have plans to build out their game offerings, although many from this project will probably be casino or gambling based, i’m sure in the future the larger concept of what these projects are building will move in to other areas. This project is just pioneering the space.

Some Extra Info:

POKER Tokens are also traded on exchanges like newdex, so if you would prefer to just buy tokens and stake them, this is a possibility. You do not have to gamble if you don’t want to.

Current price of POKER (0.3 EOS / 1 POKER)


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