Update Dec. 19th, 2018:

The Fish Hunter dApp is now restored to the original graphics. The FOMO King fish game is now live and “FISH mining” is now reduced to 1.0 EOS bet earns 1 FISH (compared to  10 FISH when first started).

Update Dec. 12th, 2018

The Fishing Joy site was closed down for a day because of copyright infringement.  I guess there was an arcade game  with the same name and  used the same graphics.   There were many angry people on Telegram, but the team listened to the community and got the game back up online.  The game name has been changed to:

“Fish Hunter EOS”

This gets around the copyright issues and they have reverted the game to an 8 bit graphics. It is very “old school” for those who remember these types of games. The retro “Atari” look is kind of cool but the developers are planning a better user interface.

Updates Dec. 10, 2018

Some updates on the Fishing Joy game since my original post:

  1.   There will be no ICO.  The development team have decided to cancel the ICO. The announcement was made on their telegram: “Just In: In order to protect the interests of every Fishcoin holders by having good high dividends, we will cancel the ICO activity.”
  2. The Shark Hunting promotion is now over.
  3. Reward bonuses are only given with maximum bet (0.7 EOS)

I know EOSIO is full of gambling dApps and many have copied the first DICE game that EOSBET first introduced on the EOSIO blockchain. But here is a new game that has similar probabilities to the DICE rolling games but with a new twist:

You need to Kill Fish to get rewarded!

Game play:

This is a game of chance just like rolling dice but I find it way more fun to play. Warning! It can be addictive and can eat up your CPU fast! You login with your Scatter account and it will take a few seconds to load the game. You get a bird’s eye view of the many types of sea creatures:

Each of the 12 types of sea creatures has a certain probability of killing it. For example, the little yellow fish has a 95% chance you will kill it, in contrast, the blue hammerhead shark has only a 1.96% chance of killing it. Based on the probability of killing the fish the payout is also matched. So if you kill the little yellow fish you get 1.03 X your bet, while if you kill the shark you get 50 X your bet. To start, you choose how much to bet by raising (+) or lowering (-) the size of your cannon. Right now bets are limited to 0.1 to 0.7 EOS but the developers have said this will change in the future as they grow their bankroll. Once the bet is set you can click on the fish you want to kill. If you miss, it is ok as it doesn’t count and you can shoot again. If you hit a fish it will get stunned and you will confirm with Scatter that this fish you want. If you are lucky and kill the creature you will get the payout multiplier. If you do not kill the fish you will lose your bet. For the species of fish that you do not kill it will add bonus FISH tokens to that type of creature and then the next person who kills that creature will get their bet multiplier plus the bonus FISH tokens associated with it. For example, if you killed the turtle from the screenshot above you would get 25X your bet plus a bonus of 52.5 FISH tokens.

If you hit a fish that is not what you want you can just cancel the transaction in the Scatter confirmation and then try again. Compared to the very basic graphics of DICE rolling games the Fishing Joy game has one the best graphics on the EOS blockchain and it is a really just a “gamified” version of Dice rolling games. There is also an “auto shooting” option but that randomly shoots bullets and you can’t choose what type of fish to kill.

Other promotions include:

Shark hunting where every day after 19:00 UTC (now over, but may bring back), the blue hammerhead sharks will come out and the first 3 players to kill the shark will get the 50X their bet, any bonus FISH associated with it an extra bonus FISH token rewards, 15,000 FISH for first place. But, to get this bonus you must kill the shark with the max bullet/bet size of 0.7 EOS.

The kill Fish King game:

There is a special Fish called the Fish King (yellow hammerhead shark) and it accumulates FISH tokens (0.25 FISH/ sec) during the game. Once the Fish King reaches 5000 EOS in the pool it will come out and the first person to kill the fish king, will receive all the FISH&EOS pool!

Once the Fish king is killed you can purchase its bones and this is like a FOMO lottery game. The more bones you buy the better chance of winning the Jackpot.  The developers plan to have other promotions like leaderboard competitions as well as new games.

Other features:

There is a nice view the all bet history and your bet history. It is nicely colour coded, Red (lose) Green (win) and Blue (bonus FISH won) and the type of fish and bet and payout:

Mining for FISH tokens:

The first round of mining for FISH tokens gives you 10 FISH tokens for each EOS bet. In addition, there is a referral program and if someone uses your referral link you get 50% of what he or she received in FISH tokens. The mining schedule is below:

Right now we are in the first stage of mining and the ratio is 10 FISH tokens for each EOS bet. After 15 Million FISH have been distributed the mining ratio will be halved and it will go 5 FISH per EOS bet and each subsequent round it will be reduced by half.

FISH token distribution:

A total of 500 Million FISH Tokens will be in existence. The development team will retain 190 Million, 300 Million will be distributed as mining rewards, and there is a pre-sale of 10 Million tokens.

Pre-sale FISH ICO (this has been cancelled):

The pre-sale of FISH tokens was scheduled to start on December 10th 2018 (changed from the initial plan of Dec. 7) and there will be 20 rounds of 500,000 FISH tokens sold each day. The way it will work is a bidding system, for example: If ten people use 100 EOS to purchase 500,000 on the same day, then these 500,000 FISH tokens will be split on 10 people in proportional distribution. The way to calculate your share is : (500,000 FISH tokens/ Total EOS bid) * your EOS bid. So be careful with bidding as if someone doesn’t understand the bidding system they can drive up the price of the FISH tokens. For those of you have used the vote buying bots on Steemit probably know what I mean. As of writing the developers have cancelled the FISH ICO and the only way to get FISH tokens is by playing the game or purchasing them on an exchange.  It is unclear if the will introduce the FISH ICO in the future.

The FISH token is also planned to be listed on several Exchanges including WhaleEx and NewDex. And the game will be available on several mobile wallets like TokenPoket which you can download on  Apple or Google Play. Trybe users can get a free TokenPocket EOS account too! 


Fishing Joy is a Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC), and owners of FISH tokens will earn dividends. Like other gambling dApps, you will be required to stake your FISH tokens to receive dividends every 12 hours and you have to manually claim them, but they can accumulate so you don’t need to claim every 12 hours. The house edge for Fishing Joy is about 2% and the administrators have said they will distribute 50-80% of the profits to the FISH token stagers. The development team will not stake their FISH tokens. This is very similar to how EOS POKER dividends work. A white paper is in the works and they have a brief roadmap as shown below:


For a video of some game play, Maxdapp provided a nice youtube review:


In summary, Fishing Joy is a very creative way to make gambling a bit more fun than rolling Dice. There are two admins (Winnie and Aouie) on their telegram that are very responsive to questions. Disclosure: I hold FISH tokens and this is a new game so DYOR and please note that this is not investment advice. As always please remember this is a gambling site and the house always wins. Please gamble responsibly and play with an amount that you are willing to lose but have fun at the same time. Happy Fish Hunting!

If you enjoyed this post please feel free to use my referral link:

All screen shots used in this post were obtained from the eosfish.io website.

Other resources:

Telegram: https://t.me/fishjoyeos

Website: https://eosfish.io not to be confused with the https://eos.fish/ candidate block producer

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      1. Infosion

        Yeah I see, because its so early the mining rate is really great. Compared to other casino dividends I can play here, loose some and still get more dividends then others..! Really very nice, it’s also lots of fun – well of course even more when you’re winning some/don’t loose too much 🙂

    1. Ian Jeffreys @DNAian Post author

      Yes the DICE games have become too popular on EOS block chain but they are “testing” the block chain by doing millions of transactions. I hold Ethereum but can’t imagine having all of these transactions on the Ethereum block chain.

  1. Ilia

    Thank you for telling us about the project! Very useful article and a lot of information. I saw information about the listing and Airdrop coins on the exchange WhaleEx, but did not have time to study the information about the project. Thanks for your work @Ian Jeffreys @DNAian